Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sex sells

A dildo made the news in the Melbourne Age yesterday after "anti-terrorist bomb squad experts" were called to a post office in Russia to make safe a package from which a suspicious ticking sound was coming - 

Russian bomb squad nabs sex toy

Editors at the same newspaper deemed unnewsworthy, a story about the apprehension by the Israeli Navy of tonnes of weapons being  smuggled from Iran via Syria and Turkey to Egypt and then on to that haven of peace and brotherly love - Gaza:
Navy: Gaza-bound anti-ship missiles found on seized ship

Another story apparently consigned to the blank pages is this one from Egypt (recently freed by people power) - Egypt intercepts vehicles carrying weapons from Sudan to Gaza

The Age on line didn't entirely forget about the region today. It republished an article from the Washington Post about Palestinians wanting Hamas and the PA unite to fight the "occupation". But the capture of large quantities of lethal weapons that were planned to be used against innocent Israeli civilians in areas that are not occupied escaped the attention of the busy Age editors.

After all, no dildos, no sex angle, look away people. Nothing to see here.

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