Monday, March 14, 2011


Another sweet in the wall: A Palestinian man in Gaza pays homage to Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters by handing out sweets to fellow long-suffering Palestinians in celebration of yet another massacre. The sweets were handed over in the place where some five years ago the Israelis ended their occupation which was interpreted by some Palestinians as an invitation to fire rockets at Israeli civilain targets.

Delusional aging rocker Roger Waters has proudly joined the BDS movement whose founder says has the ultimate aim of ending the Jewish State.

Waters recalls how, "under the protection of the United Nations", he once visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Really Roger - you needed protection in Jerusalem?

I've visited Jerusalem a number of times and I never needed any protection - United Nations or any other form (or do you mean the sort of protection the UN is supposed to be providing the Israelis by policing the flow of arms to Hizbullah in Lebanon?).

Anyhow, I agree with you about Bethlehem because I once visited the place which was under Palestine Authority control and I was told my safety could not be assured.

Now why was that Roger?

Perhaps because, I'm a Jew?

"Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw that day. The wall is an appalling edifice to behold. It is policed by young Israeli soldiers who treated me, a casual observer from another world, with disdainful aggression."

I agree with you about that too Roger.

The "wall" ... where it is a "wall" is an appalling edifice to behold. What makes it so appalling is that it had to be erected to save Israeli lives ... and it has saved many.

Actually, Yasser Arafat is the man responsible for that appalling edifice and you can go to Ramallah (with or without UN protection) to thank him yourself.

Oh, and when you do, don't forget to ask him about the billions he stole from those poor, oppressed people he once represented.

Hearing about soldiers giving a big headed former rock star a bit of a hard time and treating him with "disdainful aggression" is a bit upsetting but I'm willing to wager that the disdain and the agression you received at the hands of a couple of 20-year-old soldiers from the IDF wasn't anywhere near at the level of the disdainful aggression your Palestinian friends applied to the Fogel family this week ... was it Roger?

You might possibly think you're doing some good in this part of the world, but as this report in the Jerusalem Post shows, the waters into which a former Pink Floyd member can stumble are very murky - Roger Waters' Apartheid Fantasies

The words of your hit song have been adapted to give comfort to poor oppressed Palestinians so a couple of lines for little Hadas Fogel, the three month old baby whose throat was slit by one of your mates wouldn't go astray along with a verse or two for the four other members of the family also murdered by a Palestinian who managed to make his way through the bricks in that peace wall of yours.

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