Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marrickville fiddles while Greens Byrne

Despite a 5.2% swing against Labor on an evening where the Government was thrown out by electors in a landslide, the ALP's Carmel Tebbutt appears to have retained the NSW State seat of Marrickville.

If this holds true then Green's candidate and Mayor of Marrickville, Fiona Byrne will have lost the "unlosable election".

I suspect that in her municipality's sister city, the Hamas dominated Bethlehem Council is already taking some time off from persecuting its Christian minority and planning attacks on Israeli civilians to declare a day of mourning or a day of rage whichever way it's inclined.

A small triumph for the concept of democracy which was all but dead in Marrickville after Byrne's Greens supported by ALP members of Council voted to boycott Israel without any apparent mandate or consultation with its citizens.

Byrne who admitted she didn't know all that much about the conflict (but wanted a peaceful resolution) then compounded her problems with conflicting and confused comments about her intentions to raise the Israel/Palestine boycott in Parliament if elected.

It appears that she won't have any such problems because she won't be elected and I suppose this means she's now free to join her BDS mates in that planned singalong with the bigots and haters taking place next week.


Shirl in Oz said...

Those of us involved with Marrickville, will be keeping up the fight

It was sensational on the polling booths yesterday, as good as it has been on the pre-poll booth for the last 2 weeks

I was in contact with Marrickville all day and heard what was happening there.

Anonymous said...

it showed the Greens they shouldnt fuck with the Jews.

Gerry Gee said...

I notice that Bob Brown failed to distance himself and his party from the policies of the Hamas chick which means that the Greens have two diametrically opposed policies on Israel and Palestine.

Clearly, a party like that can’t be trusted by the electorate.

Shirl in Oz said...

Gerry... the weasel Brown, came out a couple of days ago and backed her. Where it was - I don't remember.I didn't save it.

This is their 2006 policy

Anyhow, she a gonna !!

I had a chat with the Greens candidate, sometime over the last couple of weeks, I was on pre-poll. She told me that the Greens do not operate like other parties, they can take their own line on what they wish, so at Council and State level they can support the BDS, but at Federal level their policy is of dialogue and reconciliation towards the Israeli-Palestinian situation

There are now a heap of things in the pipeline, not the least being the misuse of Council funds.

Unfortunately the BIG meeting is on the 19th April, which is 2nd night Pesuch (Passover) That's a blow as I haven't missed a Council meeting since this fiasco started in December. I don't live in the area either.

Anonymous said...

Re: BIG meeting on 2nd Night of Pesach

I will be any money that Council won't change the date to cater for interested Jewish citizens of Marrickville who would otherwise attend.

Shirl in Oz said...

Of course they wouldn't and I wonder if Cathy Peters will be there?

Anonymous said...

Shirl in Oz said...

Vic Macri, one of the two Marrickville Councillors who opposed the Motion, is trying to get a change of date for the next meeting citing the fact it is Pesuch and therefore the Jewish people both in and out of the Municipality, won't be present.