Friday, March 25, 2011

The artful dodger ...

She admitted to the Australian Jewish News in December last year that she was no expert on Israel but that she supported a "peaceful solution".

This was after she led the Marrickville Council in adopting a vote for the BDS boycott of Israeli products which is anything but a "peaceful solution" as any reader of this blog would know.

Now, Fiona Byrne who is a NSW Greens candidate for the State seat of Marrickville in tomorrow's NSW elections, has been exposed for twice "misrepresenting the Greens' position and treating the voters like fools" - Fiona Byrne dodges on Israel

Coming at a time when an Israeli family including three young children was butchered while sleeping, a Palestinian bomber killed an English woman and injured scores of others in a bus bombing, Palestinian missiles attacked Israeli civilian centres and a boatload of heavy duty weapons headed for Gaza was intercepted by Israeli naval forces, its surely about time Byrne

(a) started educating herself about the conflict;

(b) made a reappraisal of whether the BDS she she supports is really aimed at achieving a "peaceful solution" to the conflict; and

(c) looked up the word "transparency" in the dictionary.

The extraordinary thing about this is that commentators give this ignoramus a chance of winning her seat in the election.

What an indictment that would be on the folk of Marrickville?


Kermit the Green Feog said...

I don’t know anything about it, but the Jews are to blame.

Says it all.

Surely this is the Greens answer to Pauline Hanson.

Anonymous said...