Monday, March 07, 2011


A little under twelve months ago, the New York Times reported in Britain Expels Israel Diplomat Over Fake Passports about how the then Labour Government in Britain expelled an Israeli diplomat to rebuke Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for what it called "the fraudulent use of a dozen fake British passports in the assassination of a Hamas official in a Dubai hotel" earlier in the year.

The "Hamas official" was confessed terrorist murderer and gunrunner Mahmoud Mahboub who used to do drug deals on the side thus double dipping when it came to causing misery to the people on both sides of the Gaza-Israel border.

David Miliband, then British foreign secretary, said there were "compelling reasons" suggesting that Israel was behind the misuse of the British passports and called Israel’s actions "intolerable" and that its actions were "completely unacceptable and they must stop." The report says others used the floor of Parliament to call "for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador, urging criminal prosecution of those involved and going so far as to say that Israel was becoming a 'rogue state.'"

Notice, no excoriation of the Hamas junta in Gaza whose "official" in Dubai is a mass murderer and a drug peddler and no censure in the world's media about that. The allegation that British passports were used to prevent this war criminal from buying arms for use in the murder of innocent civilians is another matter altogether.

Well, today Britain joined the ranks of "rogue states" joining the Russians who last year had a diplomat expelled for use of fake passports - SAS unit, diplomats bungle secret mission into Libya

They flew in at night by helicopter: six SAS soldiers and two diplomats, armed and apparently carrying explosives and false passports, with a mission to find Libya's revolutionary leaders and establish a way to help the pro-democracy movement.

The team could have come in with HMS Cumberland, a British frigate that was openly docked in Benghazi port on Sunday, and caught a taxi a couple of miles to the court building where the revolutionary council's representatives meet the press and conduct their daily business.

That way, they might have avoided being captured.

Right, now I expect that Milliband who last year narrowly lost a poll for the Labour leadership to his brother Ed, calling for somebody's head in government to roll for causing such ignominy and shame on the nation of becoming alongside Israel a "rogue state".

Rumour also has it that a film of the operation is being planned using a soundtrack made famous in the old days by the late Benny Hill.

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