Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hate Speech Zone Ahead

As the nefarious Israel Apartheid Week hatefest meanders into its second month, the appallingly misnamed anti Israel propaganda group Australians For Palestine conducted a special forum last night, featuring a panel of "seasoned activists" whose mission it was presumably to analyse the lies the Israel Apartheid/BDS movement is spouting forth on the Israel/Arab conflict.

The hatefest is fast becoming a snorefest. I'm reliably informed that the forum atttracted less than 20 participants and that there were more protesters outside carrying placards such as "Hate Speech Zone Ahead" than there were inside.


Anonymous said...

If only the Australians for Palestine put their effort into the lot of the Palestinians suffering under the Hamas administration, they might be doing something of value.

Blaming Israel which is not the cause of their plight does nothing to solve the problem.

Do they really think that Hamas is good for the people?

Shirl in Oz said...

This will be of interest and is the only way to contact the blog owner

Interesting new group !!!

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