Saturday, March 05, 2011


The reputation of the London School of Economics is in the sewer. Nick Cohen is quoted in Harry's Place as follows:-

The London School of Economics once had a global reputation. The Libyan revolution wiped it away as easily as if it was mist on a window.

I cannot find precedent for the collapse in liberal and academic standards Howard Davies, the LSE’s director, presided over. The Cambridge spies met at Cambridge University, as their name suggests. They did not, however, work for Stalin with the blessing of the university’s chancellor, vice chancellor, senate and masters of its colleges.The LSE’s hierarchy sold itself to a tyrant for a handful of silver. If you doubt me, watch this video of Alia Brahimi, a research fellow at its Gaddafi-funded Global Governance Centre, simpering and gurning as she introduces Gaddafi to her students by reading a welcome message from Davies worthy of Malvolio or Uriah Heep:

The lambs ... er, students loved it and they got away with this shit for years when it was only Israel that was the butt of their venom. Thanks to Colenel Ghaddafi, they have finally been exposed and thankfully, Davies has now handed in his resignation.

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