Friday, March 11, 2011

No Irish jokes please

Irish Marxist philosopher Helena Sheehan was invited to lecture at Libya's Jamahiri Thought Academy (don't bother giving it any thought) and rolled up into a Libyan apocalypse - I went to Tripoli just to give a lecture

I have never focused on it [Libya] too closely before, but had a left ambivalence about it, because it declared itself to be anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist. ...

Any ambivalence about that regime is gone. It is brutal, corrupt, delusional. Looking forward to denouement: regime change and reconstruction.

On her safe return to Dublin she is saying that she "was totally betrayed by my hosts who abandoned me to a reign of terror."

Perhaps her message might be expanded to include other Arab regimes in the region that have in one way or other corruptly seduced westerners into sympathising with their cause - perhaps a closer examination from Sheehan and her radical left cohorts of Hamas and Hizbullah might enable them to come to the realisation how hypocritical they have been in lending their support to regimes that preach genocide against Jews and the destruction of Israel.

It probably won't if the recent recent rantings of this idiot who was given oxygen by our ABC is any indication - Hypocrisy the new policy in West's dance with Gaddafi. I'll bet he's never given any thought to Gadaffi and its forty year reign of terror and murder in all the time that he's written hundreds of appaling anti-Israel and anti-Jewish articles including those supporting Arab and Palestinian despots in the region.

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