Friday, March 18, 2011

Correction - Albert Dadon

The Age has had to place another postage stamp sized correction relating to articles which appeared on June 29, August 19 and September 22 last year mentioning a Mr Albert Dadon. The correction states that "there is concern that in those articles there were inappropriate and unwarranted references to his Jewish background in the context of reporting on his business activities."

It goes on to say that the Age "takes its responsibilities very seriously in relation to reporting in a way that does not cause vilification of racial and religious groups" and accordingly an apology was made "for any offence that may have been caused by the publication of the articles."

No further comment required of course.


Tim Anderson said...

Yes I noticed that article missing and the apology to Albert. Chicken media, The AGE BULLIED or cow-towing to an advertiser who employs Gillard's partner Tim Mathieson. I was unable to get rights to use the original image, so I reproduced The Age image. Censorship or scared of Albert Dadon?

ADC&WP said...

There you go.

Now back to the sewer.