Tuesday, March 29, 2011


From today's AUSTRALIAN


THERE is nothing peaceful about the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

Attempts to isolate Israel in order to facilitate its destruction are not peaceful. The people of NSW saw this violent and racist movement for what it really is and rejected the NSW Greens who advocate this cultural, economic and academic isolation.

Navit Shchigel, Noranda, WA

BDS (or ignorance of what BDS organisers are attempting to do) is certainly destructive. Just ask Fiona Byrne.

Anyone who looks at the Australians for Palestine website can see for themselves how deceitful a campaign this BDS happens to be and what a farce their organisation is in claiming to be for Palestinians. Their site is more about spreading hate, lies about Israel than about Palestinians, their history and their culture or the aspirations of some to live side by side in peace with their neighbours.

In the past month, Israeli citizens have been the subject of an increasing number of rocket attacks, a family of five was butchered whilst asleep in their beds, incitement and hatred against Jews has been spewed out of the Palestine Authority and Hamas media, deadly weapons bound for terrorists have apprehended and the AFP manages to continue to present a disingenious one sided fantasy about the region.

Their next fairy story (coming soon) will be the nakba i.e. the tragedy for the Palestinians of their failure to carry out the threat made by their leadership in 1948 to destroy the Jewish State and massacre its inhabitants. Of course, AFP will put a different spin on that as well.

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