Friday, March 18, 2011

Crime of the Century - The Thai Butler Did it!

*Bad Taste Warning - We're about three weeks into Israeli Apartheid Week so in keeping with the bad taste of the BDS and Israel Apartheid crowd, here is our contribution*

The Palestine Authority has come up with a new angle on the grizzly murders at Itamar. The perpetrator was not a Palestinian at all, but instead, a disgruntled employee of the Fogel family who was allegedly owed wages -    Itamar killings carried out by foreign worker

Before dismissing this as another fantastic lie from the fertile imagination of Pallywood's finest mythologists, let us consider the possibility that this atrocity might have been carried out by a foreign worker rather than a terrorist operating from a nearby Palestinian village.

Of course, if the crime was indeed perpetrated by a Thai worker from Itamar, it would surely rank as a work of sheer genius comparable with the perfect crimes that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie produced in their fictional works and what we really need is a Sherlock Holmes or a Hercule Poirot to solve the puzzle.

In order to carry out this mass murder, the worker put himself at great risk of apprehension by leaving Itamar, heading in the direction of a nearby Arab village of Awarta, then breaking back into Itamar where he waited for the Fogel family to fall asleep, did the deed, crept back out of Itamar and breached the perimeter fence a second time on his way out, making his way back into the  Arab village with his tracks leading all of the way to Awarta in order for suspicion to fall on its peaceful Palestinian inhabitants.

Of course, once there he again placed himself in mortal danger of being caught in Awarta with no apparent reason for being there at night with lynching a possible outcome (I've checked - there is no Thai restaurant in Awarta). Then, he made his way back to Itamar undetected either by the Arab villagers or by security in Itamar. Perhaps he walked backwards and broke back into Itamar through the perimeter fence for a third time that evening to make it look like the perpetrator was a local Arab.

That he managed to do this without raising suspicion from the army, the police or security was just brilliant although it might have been accomplished by simply bribing some or all of the above so that they might look the other way.

Elementary my dear Watson.

The Thai butler did it!

No wonder the world is outraged at the Zionists for suggesting it was the work of a local whipped into a frenzy by one of those Palestine Authority broadcasts about Jews being pigs and monkeys.

Everyone knows that they don't broadcast that stuff in the Thai language.


Anonymous said...

Love your work.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinian claim is a lie.

There are no foreign workers in Itamar.