Monday, September 03, 2007


You really have to exercise your imagination here as to the identity of the person who killed the Gaza teenager in this story:-

The story of the continuing violence in the unoccupied Gaza Strip is now really about the brutality of Hamas as it seeks to strengthen its vice like grip on the lives of its people and of the methods it uses to stifle opposition from Fatah Party which still rules in the West Bank and which is currently involved in peace negotiations with Israel.

Of course, it's not really the fault of Islamic Fundamentalist thugs from Hamas at all according to the writer. It's simply a matter of the "Gazans' desperation since Israel and Egypt sealed off their coastal territory following its June takeover by the Hamas movement."

Perhaps it's because the killing and the violence referred to in the article was instigated and carried out by this newspaper's pin up boys from Hamas that they get off so lightly. Naturally, the story would be so different if the IDF was really involved in the boy's death.

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