Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This is an image you won't see in most of our media. It comes from Saudi Arabia where three French travelers were killed by gunmen earlier in the week (apparently they took the wrong road). This is the country that is the source of significant funds that go to the Carter Centre and which allow Jimmy Carter to write falsified accounts labelling Israel as an apartheid state when it really isn't (a fact which Carter himself acknowledges).

Sunday, February 25, 2007


They're at it again!

Of course, somewhere along the line Israel will be blamed for this and the casualty scoreboard will allege that the deaths were caused by the Jews.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


They do it with smoke and mirrors in the media these days and, if Karin Laub of Associated Press continues to be employed as a journalist with Associated Press, it won't be long before we're treated to a lovely puff piece describing Hannibal Lechter (pictured above) as "a wonderful human being".

That's my reaction after reading the contemptible drivel she produced about would be mass murderer of Jews, Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas in Hamas' Haniyeh a popular politician.

It's enough to make me puke!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Hamda Abu-Ghanem from Ramle was murdered by her brother in a typical "honour killing," meant to remove some perceived stain on the family's reputation.

Hamda was the eighth Abu-Ghanem woman in the extended family to be murdered in "honour killings" in the last six and a half years. The murderers are rarely convicted because of the shame involved within the family but the women of this family are speaking up about these outrages [read here].

The abominable practice of "honour killing" is widespread throught the Middle East but we rarely hear the voices of the group targetted by such conduct and the subject matter is taboo in much of the media in the Arab world.

It's time for the protests of these brave women to be heard not only in Israel but throughout the world!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is a story that I have taken from the Maan News a Palestinian news site (with thanks to the blogger elderofziyon) -

Birzeit graduate works on Tel Aviv light railway plan

Bethlehem - Ma'an - Issa Al-Zananiri, 25, is an engineering graduate of Birzeit University near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Originally from the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Hanina, Al-Zananiri applied after completing his undergraduate degree to study a Masters in Engineering at the Israeli 'Technion' Institute of Technology in Haifa.

At Technion, Al-Zananiri found himself under the supervision of a professor who had lost his father in an armed operation against an Israeli bus in Egypt in 1990. Issa only discovered the truth about the supervisor, Yoram Shifton, while preparing for his interview for acceptance on Tecnhion's higher education program.

Issa told the Israeli newspaper 'Yedioth Ahranoth', "I arrived at the interview with many fears interacting inside me but I only found in my supervisor cooperation and help, far from any aggressive atmosphere."

When Zananiri arrived at the "Technion" institute, he did not know Hebrew and so he began studying it from home, making use of dictionaries, the internet and television.

As Zananiri's family home is on the West Bank side of the wall that runs through the suburb of Beit Hanina, Issa also greatly relied on the help of his supervisor to obtain the necessary permit to enter Israel for his Masters. Shifton stood by him until he graduated and then helped him obtain a job in the company "BGL1", which specializes in public transportation planning and is responsible for the planning of the proposed light railway in Tel Aviv in Israel.

Issa said, "They accepted me to work with them without hesitation because of the recommendation of my higher studies' supervising professor".

Issa describes himself as a Palestinian who, during his studies at Birzeit University, opposed the bombing operations and even the throwing of stones at Israeli cars. He said that he is grateful for being absorbed into the Israeli community. He currently lives in an apartment with his brother in Haifa and works in Tel Aviv in the planning team of the city's trains.

The re-publication of this article is my response to the editor and staff at the Melbourne Age which continues to publish blood libels against the Jewish State in both articles and, in particular, in letters to the editor which falsely accuse Israel of being involved in "apartheid" and "ethnic cleansing" of its Arab population.

The Age knows that these claims are palpably false and yet exercises its discretion to publish such lies as one which appeared in today's edition. Michael Danby has pointed out in his critique of the peanut farmer's recent book ... "there are 1.4 million Arabs living in Israel, where they enjoy full political rights – there are 13 Arabs in the Knesset, one in the current cabinet, and one on the Supreme Court bench." The Palestinian population has doubled since 1988. So is this apartheid and is this ethnic cleansing?

The Age also does a good job of shielding Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas, which was elected to lead the Palestinians a year ago, from the accusation that their stated aims include not just destroying the Jewish State but killing Jews. I know this because I have received copies of letters to the editor which it saw fit not to publish.

Here's an example:-

"Ed O'Loughlin's chilling report on the stranglehold that Hamas has apparently taken over Gaza (The Age, 9/2) does not make good reading for those who hope for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas not only refuses to recognise Israel and to eschew violence, its charter makes it clear that its avowed aims are destroying the Jewish State and "killing the Jews". The ascendancy of such an organisation therefore makes the prospect of any peaceful and just solution for both sides a distant prospect."

The Age doesn't see fit to publish letters like this but gives us weekly servings of porkie pies from correspondents like Colin Sheppard of Essendon who today repeated the "ethnic cleansing blood libel" and then suggested that Israel runs the Palestinian refugee camps. That's another lie because the United Nations runs those refugee camps and they continue to exist to this day only because they are a useful propaganda tool for ignoramuses like Sheppard.

If Israeli apartheid really existed would a Palestinian newsagency ever be able to write a story like that of Issa Al-Zananiri?

Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Guardian has given Hamas political bureau head Khalid Mish'al a voice to enable him to make the claim in Our unity can now pave the way for peace and justice, that the recent accord between Hamas and Fatah "gives the west the chance to break with its policy of blackmail and recognise Palestinian rights".

Mish'al brazenly tells us this lie in English when invited to write for a sympathetic newspaper - sympathetic to a Palestinian cause and sypathetic to the victimhood of Palestinian people, many of who live in dire conditions of poverty. Sympathetic to a people portrayed as an underdog.

So what's this "blackmail" story all about?

The "policy of blackmail" to which Mish'al refers is the Quartet's requirement that donor aid handouts to the Palestine Authority under Hamas be limited to humanitarian aid only until the PA renounces terrorism, recognises Israel and honours previous agreements made between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas continues to make it clear that it has no intention of accepting those requirements.

In short, what Mish'al wants is an end to a policy of "blackmail" that would allow a resumption of aid to the Palestinians while at the same time allowing Hamas to retain the right to blow up innocent civilians on buses, in schools, universities, cafes, shopping malls and discos and to fire missiles at Israeli homes - a right which many of his supporters even in the west accept as legitimate because the Palestinians are under "occupation".

Those supporters include correspondents on the Guardian's "comment is free" page who compound Mish'al's lies with some whoppers of their own - and the justification for it always boils down to Israel's so-called oppressive "occupation".

That's precious because there is no other group in the Middle East that has worked harder to perpetuate the "occupation" more than Hamas (and perhaps Islamic Jihad) which has always done its level best to head off all chances of peace with its own brand of violence including suicide bombings and other lethal attacks on Israeli civilians. Of course, none other than Mr. Khalid Mish'al has always been on hand to co-ordinate and direct the proceedings!

And just in case you're might be wondering what "occupation" means to people like Mish'al, here's what the man himself told Agence France Presse on April 18, 2004:-

"You must understand: liberation of the territories from the occupation is only one phase.... We do not distinguish between Palestine of 1948 and Palestine of 1967. Palestine is everything."

So you must understand that Mish'al means that ending "the occupation" means ending the Jewish State. That is why Hamas has resisted all efforts to bring about peace between Israel and the Pleastinians.

On top of that, Hamas isn't content just to put an end to the Jewish State. Its Charter invokes the serously anti-Jewish Czarist forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and advocates the killing of Jews. One level headed reader responding to the Mish'al's Guardian article describes it as "one of the most hateful and f***ing insane pieces of crap ever written."

This all shows that sometimes, you need to read between the lines when terrorist leaders write purporting to seek peace and justice for their people, because in this case, what Mish'al really means is that the objective is to destroy another people in the process.

Friday, February 16, 2007


While Israelis are violently condemned by Muslims for carrying out digging works 100 metres away from the Al Aksa Mosque and pilloried in some parts of the media for doing so even thouh they are causing no damage at all, the Islamic authorities responsible for the area of Solomon's Stables and the Golden Gate along the eastern wall of the Temple Mount have permitted destructive activities of Jewish antiquities to take place on the site.

But there hasn't been a word of condemnation from anybody in the Muslim world about the digging that's been going on right under the Temple Mount for several years now.

So, in view of the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has agreed to let a Turkish team inspect the Israeli construction site near the Temple Mount compound, might it not be an opportune time for the Wafq to permit them to inspect what's been happening inside the site and under their watch?

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Emanuele Ottolenghi, who lectures Israel studies at Oxford University has written a compelling expose in The Guardian on the old/new debate about Jewish support for Israel generated by the British Independent Voices group and emulated by others in different parts of the world including Australia.

"Anyone who knows the Jewish world knows that such debates occur inside the Board of Deputies, synagogues and the Jewish press. Jews routinely debate Israel and other issues in any forum they wish, Jewish and non-Jewish. When Jews do not like available fora, they create new ones, as Klug & Co just did. Nobody stops them from getting their message across. Klug's argument appeared in the Guardian, not in an underground Samisdatz publication. Many of the IJV's signatories hold prominent positions, they are intellectuals who regularly ejnoy free and unfettered access to the public sphere. Their arguments about the Middle East are mainstream in European societies.

"So what's at stake here? The issue is not free speech, but representation. For better or worse, the British Board of Deputies in the UK, as well as other umbrella Jewish bodies across Europe are representative because, like PM Ehud Olmert and the government of Israel and unlike Klug & Co, they are elected."

Ottolenghi makes the point that "Anglo-Jewry is roughly 300,000 strong and Klug's troops are about 150". There is no reason to assume that the Loewenstein copy cat group would attract a higher proportion here in Australia and this probably explains why these people usually don't seek election or popular approval but rather chose to incessantly whine about their voices being stifled when that is not the case at all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In Palestine, gunmen belonging to Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party have executed a Palestinian man who allegedly foiled a suicide attack inside Israel.

In Lebanon, three people have been killed and about 20 wounded in two bomb blasts near the Christian mountain town of Bikfaya, north of Beirut.

In Irak, the toll from the combined force of three car bombs in Baghdad stands at more than 80 dead and almost 200 wounded.

In Algeria, seven bombs exploded east of Algiers killing six people in apparently coordinated attacks by suspected Islamic militants.

These are four stories from a world filled with violence but one of them is certain to be ignored by the Western media tomorrow.

I’ll let you guess which one makes the blank pages!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Three years ago, a ramp which provides access to the Temple Mount's Mugrabi Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem collapsed during a freak snowstorm. It was replaced by a temporary wooden structure and you can see from the picture above just how the ramp looks today.

Given the urgent need for repair, the Israelis drew up plans to remove this dangerous eyesore with a permanent replacement and the plans were duly approved a couple of weeks ago.

By law, any construction work in the Old City must be preceded by a salvage dig. Although, this dig is taking place in the Jewish Quarter, outside the Temple Mount, and in co-ordination with the Islamic Wakq, the Jordanian government and all other relevant authorities, some Muslims in the region have accused it of being part of an Israeli plan to undermine and destroy the Temple Mount.

This claim was made despite the fact that there is no expert evidence to suggest that the dig will do anything of the sort and despite the fact that, for years, Muslim authorities have been carrying out digs of their own inside the Temple Mount compound which they control.

And of course, despite the fact that Israeli law about construction in the Old City specifically states that the "Holy Places shall be protected from desecration and any other violation and from anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings towards those places."

Inevitably, as often happens when Israelis innocently attempt to mend bridges between them and their Palestinian neighbours, the issue has become a platform for a propaganda campaign of hatred.

A consequence of this pervasive campaign has been the standard outpouring of rage in the Muslim world with some Muslims resorting to violence, threats and intimidation against Jewish interests unless the digging stops.

I agree that the digging should stop and, for the time being, Israel should forget about mending this bridge.

Instead, it should allocate the money it would have otherwise spent on repairing the structure in order to help feed its own poor and needy citizens.

In return, I expect the grateful Muslim world to chip in some dollars to repair and restore Jewish religious sites like Joseph's Tomb which was destroyed by rampaging mobs in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Nablus in 2003.

After that, everyone in the region can start trying to again mend and build bridges.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


In stark contrast to the Melbourne Age whose "journalists" spent this week variously moonlighting as mouthpieces for Hamas, PR managers for a small minority of rabidly anti-Zionists in Jewish communities and experts in the art of bridge repairs, the Australian Newspaper continues to show its class with some balanced reporting on the Middle East conflict.

Yesterday, in addition to its usually balanced coverage on the Hamas/Fatah "unity" government, the Australian published an excellent opinion piece from self-styled Muslim refusenik Irshad Manji which debunks the senseless claims made by Jimmy Carter in his latest effort of promoting his Saudi paymasters - the book entitled "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" (readers to this blog would be well aware that Carter's rant is #1 on the Islamic Jihad best seller list).

Manji argues very persuasively in "Modern Israel is a far cry from old South Africa" that it is absurd to apply the term to Israel, "one of the most progressive states in the world".

So-called "thinkers" like Carter and others like Antony Loewenstein, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt claim that they want open debate on the subject.

What have they to say to this?

"Of course, certain Israeli politicians have spewed venom at Palestinians, as have some Arab leaders towards Jews, but Israel is far more complex - and diverse - than slogans about the occupation would suggest. In a state practising apartheid, would Arab Muslim legislators wield veto power over anything? At only 20 per cent of the population, would Arabs even be eligible for election if they squirmed under the thumb of apartheid? Would an apartheid state extend voting rights to women and the poor in local elections, which Israel did for the first time in the history of Palestinian Arabs?"

Manji concludes with this statement:-

"The better question might be: who's willing to hear what they don't want to hear? That's the test of whether a country is more than black or white."

Indeed, that's what it's all about - we can hear and to read both sides in the Australian but the Melbourne Age hides a great deal of what we need to hear and read in its blank pages.

Which suits the likes of Carter, Mearsheimer, Walt and Loewenstein right down to a tee.

Friday, February 09, 2007


According to the Reuters caption attached to the above photograph you're looking at masked Palestinian militants from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades asking a shop keeper in Hebron to close his store as part of a general strike to protest against Israeli excavations near the al-Aqsa Mosque compound. I understand most of the shop keepers of Hebron obliged on account of the polite manner in which the request was made because as, you can see, the guys at the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigades are such nice folks!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


The response to yesterday's beat up in the Melbourne Age was predictable.

As if on cue Dora McPhee wrote the following letter to the editor and it was duly published:-

The fear of being called 'anti-Semitic'

WHILE Andra Jackson's report on debate on Israel/Palestine in the Jewish community ( The Age, 7/2) indicates the stringent self-censorship that has occurred within that community, it fails to talk about the problem of criticism of Israel being a taboo subject in the wider community because people are fearful of being called anti-Semitic or of inciting anti-Semitism.

This has been an enormous problem in the Australian community: it has meant the Palestinian narrative of the injustice of their dispossession has barely been discussed. Because the media are complicit with this, the reporting of Israel's many human rights violations rarely get the coverage they should, that would make people sit up and think something very wrong is going on.

Dora McPhee, Melbourne

Poor Dora!

It seems that her concerns about being labelled an "anti-Semite" might just have been raised a little when she reviewed the contents of her previous correspondence to the same newspaper just nine days ago.

On the 31st January 2007 the Age published a letter written by Ms. McPhee (if that is indeed her name) in which Dora blamed Israel for the fact that Hamas and Fatah were firing at each other in Gaza (it's strange that people living in what is supposedly an "open air prison" can have access to so much firepower) and while she was at it, she decided to try her hand at some vilification as well by claiming that the Israelis were guilty of theft, that they coralled the Palestinians by policies of apartheid and that they committed "ethnic cleansing".

If she's right (and she's not) the Israelis have carried out this policy of ethnic cleansing so ineptly that they've allowed the Palestinian population to double in 25 years. That is a remarkable achievement and surely one that will hold pride of place forever in the Guinness Book of Records!

Now seriously, how does one conduct an open debate on a subject like Israel, Zionism and Palestine with idiots like Dora McPhee who, in all probability, really believe the drivel they come up with is properly categorised as "criticism of Israel" when it's clearly far more than that?

How can people maintain continuously that the Palestinians and their claims to dispossession are never discussed or that it's taboo to mention the subject when it's in your face in the media on almost a daily basis?

If you google the words "Palestinians"and "dispossession" or "Palestinians" and "human rights" you will come up with hundreds of thousands of entries. If you consult your back issues of the Age you will find an abundance of articles and letters discussing the subject.

So, is debate really being stifled because of anti-Semitism?

Yes it is, but not from those who support Israel.

I thank Daniel Lewis for this reference to a website Peace with Realism which notes:-

Ironically, the charge of anti-Semitism is now being used not so much to stifle criticism of Israel but to silence Israel's defenders. I read several newspapers every day, and I cannot recently recall anyone charging a critic of Israel with anti-Semitism unless that criticism actually was blatantly one-sided or based on a clear and demonstrable distortion of the facts. What I do read about and hear quite often are critics of Israel complaining that every time they open their mouths somebody is calling them an anti-Semite.

Also of interest on the subject of open debate on the Middle East, Melanie Phillips Diary has an entry today entitled Jews for Genocide in which she exercises her democratic right to criticise that collection of congenital Israel-bashers who have formed a small group calling themselves "Independent Jewish Voices".

Earlier this week Melanie was involved in a debate with an IJV (possibly on the subject of why there's no open debate on the Middle East?) which was a darn sight better than what jurist Alan Dershowitz got from addle brained former President and peanut farmer Jimmy Carter who won't debate his despicable book with anyone who has different views to those which he holds.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Today's Melbourne Age contains a story that's a classic beat up.

It's about an alleged "breakaway" group from Australia's mainstream Jewish organisations which supposedly aims to encouraging 'open debate' within the Jewish community on the Middle East [New bid for 'open debate' on Israel].

The group being set up by Sydney author Antony Loewenstein is inspired by a British group of about 100 Jews (among a community of several hundreds of thousands) who recently set up the Independent Jewish Voices aimed at "challenging the dominance of Britain's long-established main Jewish organization" and opening debate over the conflict in the Middle East.

The article showcases Loewenstein's claim that there is no 'open debate' in Australia's Jewish community over Israel, Zionism and Palestine.

I don't know if there is a need in Britain for debate over the conflict in the Middle East but it is downright disingenous of Loewenstein to suggest that debate on the issue is stifled within the Australian Jewish community and further, it was poor journalism to present the story in the way in which it was written.

The most accurate part of the story can be found at the end when Jewish Community Council of Victoria President Anton Bloch is quoted -

"The reality is that there are diverse views in the community on different approaches to how Israel ought to defend itself within the underlying view that Israel has a right to defend itself."

The JCCV is the roof body of Jewish community organisations and includes the Australian Jewish Democratic Society (whose executive member Harold Zwier is quoted in the article) which is often critical of Israel's actions and policies.

The only Jewish community newspaper, the Australian Jewish News often publishes articles that question Israel's policies and its letters to the editor is full of lively debate on the subject.

The AJDS and other groups like Jews for a Just Peace and a handful of individuals like Loewenstein have been around for years consistently pushing the "no open debate" message.

Their voices have not been stifled and there has been ample debate within the community on the issue, debate which continues to this day. Their problem however, is that their views lack credibility. Further, their numbers are so small that they can conduct their meetings in a telephone booth.

While it might irk them that the great majority of the Jewish community rightly stands by its Israeli brothers and sisters in the face of attacks from Hamas, Fatah, Hizbullah and the Iranians who all want to "kill the Jews" (and that means Loewenstein is their target as much as I am), they are most welcome to conduct this debate on the issue anywhere and any time.

In the meantime, the Melbourne Age, which refused to cover the controversial Vorcheimer anti Semitism case last year, continues to treat the Australian Jewish community and its own readers with contempt by legitimising this very small group on the outermost fringes of Jewish society in this country.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Jihad Jimmy Carter - The hero of Islamic Jihad.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Terry Lane, the accident-prone Sunday Age columnist, America-hater and Israel-basher is back from leave today writing about an apology.

The apology is the one properly given by Canadian PM Stephen Harper to Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen wrongly suspected of terrorism and taken by the Americans to the Palestine Branch Prison in Damascus where he was imprisoned and tortured for 10 months. In his column, Lane whines about our Prime Minister declaring "that ours is the greatest nation on earth" and ends with the question why does the US use the "the torture services of one corner of the 'axis of evil' to do its dirty work?"

A good question and very much standard line and length for Lane although he might have disappointed some of his readership by failing to take a swipe at Israel on this occasion.

He might also have asked another obvious question – why did the Syrians name one of their gaols "the Palestine Branch" – but that's another story.

The thing that was noticeably missing from today's effort however, was an apology from Lane for once again misleading his readers in the last of his pieces before taking his break.

You see, Lane was caught short committing another gaffe when he took newly elected ALP leader Kevin Rudd to task for having the temerity to continue to support the Australia-US alliance. He has had three weeks in which to compose an apology for the error and one wondered whether he might ask his readers for their forgiveness for such lack of professionalism. One can wonder all day about whether pigs can fly too!

Lane's most famous blunder came last year when he was taken in by a fake video recorded by fictitious US soldier Jesse Macbeth who had allegedly claimed to have been an American soldier in Iraq. Lane offered his resignation and followed that up with a rather self-serving and weak-kneed piece by way of explanation or more correctly justification [NO EXCUSES, I WAS TAKEN IN BY A FRAUD].

Of course, that part of the headline referring to "no excuses" was a bit of a sham but, in any event, the Sunday Age (predictably) didn't accept the resignation and Lane lived to push his various agendas another day. The result is that Lane can continue to embarrass his newspaper with further lame-brained efforts.

But Lane's latest gaffe pales when it comes to the ignorance he displays about his favourite whipping boy – Israel. He never misses an opportunity to stick the boots into Israel and l won’t bore you with his complete record.

When the Israelis defended themselves against the murder and kidnapping of its soldiers to the accompaniment of lethal cross border missile attacks from Hizbullah last July, Lane knew who to blame for what happened next.

According to Lane, the Israelis should have behaved as Australia did during the Bali bombing attacks – i.e. they should have copped it on the chin. Never mind that the Bali bombings were terrorist actions committed exclusively on Indonesian soil and the home country immediatley stepped in to detect and prosecute the perpetrators. In Lane's eyes, the two situations were sort of similar and that was enough for him. Even with deadly missiles raining down on its citizens, the Jews weren't allowed to defend themselves.

During the course of his pre-leave article, Lane couldn't help taking a dig at the Americans for "[U]ncritically backing Israel in its colonial expansion and thereby exacerbating the single greatest cause of anti-Western hostility in the Middle East?"


What Israeli colonial expansion?

Does that mean Israel's settlement policy in Gaza and the West Bank where the so-called "expansion" has become a contraction following its 2005 evacuation of all 21 Jewish settlements in Gaza (leaving it 'Judenrein' as required by the Palestinians) and four others in the West Bank?

Has Lane not caught up with the fact that the Israeli people elected their current government less than a year ago on a platform of disengaging from the West Bank either by agreement with the Palestinians and failing that, unilaterally?

That's some "colonial expansion" policy, isn't it?

But really, if Lane wants to read about colonial expansion (and "fascism" and "apartheid" and indeed all of the standard undergraduate catchcries he's become accustomed to over the years) then I would refer him to the Articles of the Hamas Charter and to the constitutions of the other Palestinian armed groups.

Getting back to Lane's claim that the US "unconditionally backed" Israel's so-called "colonial expansion" in the disputed territories, can someone answer this question: did Lane research this matter in the same way that he looked into the accuracy of the Jesse Macbeth story or the claim that "rangers at the world-famous Grand Canyon were banned from answering questions about the age of the park ‘because the truth will upset Bush's fundamentalist supporters'." ?

Possibly not because the truth about the US and Israel's settlement policies is that every adminstration starting with that of LBJ, through to those of Carter (soon to become Lane's favourite author I suspect), Reagan, Clinton and both Bushes have indeed been critical of those policies. [read here]

Lane once admitted to being guilty of the "unforgivable sin … of failing to check the facts".

You can judge for yourself and decide if he's done it again but my bet is that this time there will be no apology.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


"What's happening here in Palestine is good only for Israel, but what can we do?" asks a Hamas supporter in today's Melbourne Age article Hope gone, Palestinians turn on each other (the belated article on the broken ceasefire is the product of an anonymous author).

(Meanwhile, Ed's safely out of the way and back in TA or Jerusalem writing about the sleaze in Israeli politics)

What can the Palestinians do?

They can stop asking such stupid questions and stop dreaming of destroying a neighbouring state for starters.

They can stop playing the propaganda blame game against Israel and start doing positive things for their people.

They can start learning lessons from their past failures.

The Palestinians could have built a decent civil society in Gaza when the Israelis left the entire Gaza Strip in 2005. Instead they did nothing to prevent (indeed both Fatah and then Hamas encouraged) the firing of rockets at Israeli towns and villages across the border.

They could have used the vast international funds available to them to develop their economy instead of to smuggle tons of arms to continue the fight against the Jews.

They could have left intact the hothouses bought for them by well wishers to start an economy that would have gainfully employed large numbers. Instead they destroyed them and left the area bare and desolate.

They could have lived up to and honoured their obligations under the Road Map they signed in 2003 - allegedly "without reservations". They could have kept their written promise to disarm and arrest terrorists and to end incitement against Israelis instead of repudiating it before the ink had dried.

To the dismay of most of the world, they did nothing other than continued on with their futile "armed struggle" - a viscious and hateful campaign of propaganda aided and abetted by their media friends who helped put them where they are now - with hope gone.

The media buddies like O'Loughlin still don't get it.

The big O recently ended an article on the situation before the last farcical ceasefire laying the blame for Hamas' failure to revive the Palestinian economy on Israel - "Israeli closures of Gaza and West Bank checkpoints have left it unable to implement promised economic and administrative reforms." [here] In all probability, he really believes this to be true.

But O'Loughlin has never produced any evidence whatsoever that Hamas had any real intention when elected of reviving the Palestinian economy either in the West Bank or in Gaza or whether Hamas even tried. Where were the plans, where were the policies?

After all, the Israeli closures of Gaza and the West Bank checkpoints haven't prevented the Palestinians from building up the arms and weaponry that we see on our television screens paraded around Palestinian streets by Hamas and Fatah goons. They haven't prevented the production of the Quassam rockets fired daily at Israeli homes across the border from now unoccupied territory into areas that were never "occupied".

So what's stopping the Palestinians from developing a decent civil society?

Perhaps it's the fact is that Hamas has one simple, discrete platform and that's contained in its Charter ("Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it"). And the same can be said of the other armed terrorist groups.

Ed would do well to read the Charter one day if he wants to discover why, at present, the Palestinian people have no hope.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Sub-editors at various newsagencies around the world are having a field day trying to dream up headlines to describe the sagging ceasefire put in place between warring Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah.

The Guardian - as always good for a laugh - has this one:-


Here are a few more:-





Some classic British understatement from the BBC - MIDEAST PRESS SCEPTICAL OF PALESTINIAN TRUCE

Even Israel's Ha'aretz can't help getting in on the act:-


The story is about how six Palestinians were killed and at least 65 were wounded (including two children) yesterday during renewed clashes in the central Gaza Strip between armed Hamas and Fatah militants.

One wonders how many people have to be killed in clashes before a truce has really collapsed rather than being "near collapse"?

How different would the above headlines and the stories have been had two Palestinian children died in fighting between Palestinian terrorists and Israeli troops during the course of a ceasefire?

And the Melbourne Age's Ed O'Loughlin - is he in the thick of things inside Gaza with some on the spot reporting from deep inside some refugee camp or is he still sipping pina coladas in an Eilat Hotel?

So where the hell is Ed?

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I know very little about blogger Andrew Landeryou of The Other Cheek but he has Ed O'Loughlin of the Melbourne Age well worked out. This is what he has written about O'Loughlin's most recent attempt at belting the victim (remember O'Loughlin's article was ostensibly about the murder by a suicide bomber of three innocent civilians in a bakery in Eilat, a southern Israeli resort town):


Beefy Fairfaxista Ed O'Loughlin (allegedly found roaming free in Belgian Congo and domesticated by Fairfax Media) has been kicking Israel again, this time through the use of statistics presented without any context or background.

It's a nice trick. An oldie but a goodie, the OC Propaganda Department frequently embraces the technique on occasion. A writer on a par with Steven Lewis, Mark Twain once wrote that there are "lies, damned lies and statistics."

Honest Reporting which reviews the world media for dishonest, biased and selective reporting about the Middle East was scathing about O'Loughlin.


And his recent report exemplified the Twain doctrine, filed from the resort town of Eilat in Israel where no doubt he forced down multiple cocktails in luxury with fellow scribes while bemoaning the shocking plight of the Palestinian people, he wrote:

"Yesterday's attack ends a long period of quiet within Israel.

"According to the Israeli human rights group B'tselem, killings of Israeli citizens in the occupied territories and Israel reached a low of 23 last year, including six soldiers. In the same period the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces rose to 660, B'tselem found, half of them non-combatants and 141 of these minors."

Why was that? Why have Palestinian terrorists slipped below the Osama bin Laden Killing Spree Index Worldwide Terror Benchmark?

It'd be that pesky Israeli security fence, the one the Left would love to present as a symbol of repression. Unlike their Berlin Wall which kept people from escaping socialist tyranny, the security fence is designed to keep killers out.

And it's working. Big time. Read more and curse those who misrepresent the wall as "apartheid", a disgusting insult to the victims of apartheid in South Africa. Checking international borders is not unique to Israel, it's just when the Jews do it. Jew haters like to paint it as some expression of Neo Nazi totalitarianism. It'd be hippy-great to live in a world without Customs or passports or whatever but that day is a long way off. Countries that are in the terrorist's crosshairs, like Israel, the United States, Australia, anywhere where civilisation prevails, are entitled and obliged to protect themselves and their people.


The right to self-defence is widely accepted although in Israel's case too frequently questioned including by those who would be horrified to be told they're anti-semites. Look in the mirror a little closer lefties. Is your hatred of America driving you into the arms of a double standard about Israel that can only be explained in a race-hate context.

Dora McPhee probably doesn't think she hates Jews but she certainly is dripping with venom about the Jewish state. Her letter published today in the left-wing press:

Turning Palestinian against Palestinian

READING Ed O'Loughlin's report "Palestinian unity hopes collapse in violence" ( The Age, 9/1), it is no wonder Palestinians are starting to turn on each other. (OC1: I'll make a wild prediction. It's must be Israel's fault right?)

In fact, it is extraordinary that for their nigh-on-60-year struggle for a just solution to their dispossession they have managed to avoid descending into civil war (OC: Yes they've been so united while shooting each other for decades) despite suffering an extraordinarily unjust dispossession of their land, nearly 40 years of Israel's military occupation of the remaining 22 per cent and a continued theft of their land while they are corralled by Israel's apartheid policies. (OC: Must invite her in to do a consultancy on invective)

All the while, they have seen how the West, led by the US, has colluded with Israel in its further dispossession and "ethnic cleansing" of what remains of Palestine. (OC: She calls it Palestine, presumably supports a two-state solution, and yet thinks Israel imposes "apartheid" by checking the borders of the "two nations". Logic is rarely allowed to get in the way of a good story at The Aged)

But finally the Israel-US coalition has found a way to make the Palestinians turn on each other (OC: JK Rowling move over) by arming and funding Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party while punishing the whole population with a crippling boycott that has strangled the Hamas-led Government they dared to vote in. (OC: Nice to see she's even bought into the Palestinian faction fight herself. Are the Jews also to blame for her divisive rhetoric?)

This must surely be a cynical exercise in creating the landscape for a civil war. It will not bring peace to Israel, but it will buy it more time to create more facts on the ground with its ethnic restructuring of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. (OC: The last sentence did not translate well from the original German)

Dora McPhee, Melbourne

Lieutenant Dan of the OC Investigations Unit (pushing for promotion to Field Marshal with recent efforts) pointed out this unpleasant material and makes the compelling point:

Yes, reading O'Louglin's bile probably WOULD leave "no wonder". However, it would also leave one with the impression that EVERYTHING in the world is Israel's fault, including (but not limited to) Palestinians killing each other, Shea and sunni Muslims killing each other, Janjaweed Arabs Killing Africans in Darfur, Lebanese Muslims Killing their fellow Christians in Lebanon and more than 20 worldwide conflicts from Thailand to Chechyna invloving Muslims with not a Jew nor American in sight (but let's blame them anyway).

Game on.

Here's some more foood for thought on the same subject matter from an ICJS subscriber:-

O'Loughlin wasted no time in turning the story of a suicide bombing murder of three Israelis into a story about the deaths of Palestinians during the course of an asymmetrical war being waged mainly against Israeli civilians.

In that regard, whilst the death of non-combatants is regrettable, O'Loughlin presents a scenario whereby it's Israel that is totally to blame for the deaths of the non-combatants.

What he conveniently omits to divulge to his readers is that there is considerable doubt as to non-combatant numbers (most terrorists wear civilian clothing and therefore are often wrongly classified as non-combatants) and then there's the issue of terrorists putting non-combatants in harm's way because they operate in breach of humanitarian laws from civilian areas. That makes the terrorists responsible for all of the deaths - there's no need to distinguish whether they are combatants or not.

Unfortunately, the shameful way in which O'Loughlin reports on the conflict makes it almost respectable for the Dora McPhees of the world to spread their bile and froth at the mouth about alleged Israeli injustices against the Palestinians as she did in yesterday's letter to the Age. The letters editor of the Age surely has sufficient knowledge about the Middle East to know that Ms. McPhee's letter was nothing more than a piece of vile agitprop with little factual foundation. That he/she allowed such crap to be published in the first place, tells us a lot about the dark place that he/she and this once great newspaper now inhabits

I think these sum up how contemptible The Age has become in its coverage of the conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbours.