Wednesday, September 12, 2007


According to a report in this week's edition of the Ausralian Jewish News, Fairfax has appointed a new Middle East correspondent, Jason Koutsoukis, currently the Canberra correspondent for the Sunday Age.

The AJN article (no link available) quotes him as saying,

"There's two sides to every story and I think we've got to tell both sides."

The promise of fair and balanced coverage of the Israel-Palestine issue is most welcome after five years of biased one sided and ugly coverage from Koutsoukis' predecessor.

With that good news, I wish Jewish readers a happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

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Anonymous said...

This is to let you know that there are people in the reporting fraternity who think O'Loughlin is a disgrace to the profession.

Sorry, not so much as a disgrace but a laughing stock.

Jason will be a big improvement. Anyone who knows the script to The Club back to front must be better than his predecessor.