Thursday, September 20, 2007


It was almost seventy years ago that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain arrived in London after meeting with Nazi Chancellor Hitler waving a useless scrap of paper over his head and ranting on about "peace in our times".

Time passes on and there is no shortage of idiots who echo similar sentiments of appeasement today - even when rabid warmongers threaten others with annihilation. This month's idiot is one R.N. Watson of Newtown, N.S.W who penned this piece of nonsense to the Sydney Morning Herald (Published under the heading "Warmongers should be frog-marched off the stage" on 19/9/07) -

"To the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner: with respect, pull your head in, mate. We do not want war with Iran ("Prepare for war with Iran: French warning", September 18). The people are sick of people like you and their jingoist mates who shout about the bogeyman and expect us all to cringe with fear. We do not want war, not with the beautiful country of Iran, not with the poor suffering people of North Korea, not with Syria, and not with anyone else. Work your problems out peacefully or get out of the way and let another democratically elected representative of the people do it.

The time for this kind of rubbish has long passed. We're not going to fall for this kind of thing again. We know what George Bush's motives for war with Iraq were. It is plain to see that the blood on his hands is mixed with oil. We've seen the suffering that comes from allowing a warmonger his way. There is no excuse for the kind of murder that has occurred in Iraq. Human life is valuable, and not to be wasted on such material things.

The West is treating Iran like a young child might treat a cat. If the child corners the cat and pokes it with a stick, the cat will scratch the child. If the child shows the cat the respect it deserves, it will purr. The people of the world do not want there to be war with Iran.

Monsieur Kouchner, the people of France do not want war with Iran and will tell you in their passionate way. The brave people of the US will fight for their country with pride, but they are sick of being duped into sending their brave sons and daughters to die for other goals.

Monsieur Kouchner, we know what you are trying to do. Iran is far less a threat to the world than you would have us believe. Put down the stick and go and find somewhere else to rattle your sabre."

Watson fails to understand (or ignores the fact) that the rattling began long ago and that it's been Iran's racist Holocaust denying advocate of genocide Ahmedinajad who has been holding the sabre. Apparently, the letter writer doesn't mind that at all.

Watson does get some things right.

He's not blaming the Jews as many of his ilk do when dealing with this subject matter because, if it really is all about oil as he alleges, then at least he's leaving the so-called "Israel lobby" out of the equation.

He's also correct in saying that the world doesn't want war with Iran and that it is indeed, a beautiful country. Of course, so is Germany but that didn't stop the Germans from perpetrating one of history's great crimes against humanity when it murdered millions of Jews, gypsys, socialists and gays. Nor does the beauty of countries prevent senseless fools like Watson from being cheerleaders for some of the hideous, criminal philosophies and regimes that emanate from them.

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