Monday, September 17, 2007


Labour MP Michael Danby takes Fairfax apart for exposing its readers to SLANT AND ERROR over the issue of Israel/Palestine.

I couldn't have put it better myself.


Anonymous said...

How dare Michael Danby claim The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and AFr are anti Israel and pro palestinian, ok so The Age have a Palestinian staff writer Maher Muhgrabi who contributes views on the Israeli/Arab-Muslim war and those views are always critcal of the Jews and americans but never the palestinians or arabs just because he is a Palestinian advocate /Activist it si only a cooincidnace...der! and just because The Age have the spokesperson from Islamic Council of Victoria Waleed aly who also writes on Arab/Israel, Middle east, terrorist issues .Why would you expect these guys not to be fair and balanced and consider Israelie and Jewish views as well .der!.
Just because Michael leunig advocates for the Palestinians on occasions it is only a coinincidance that all his cartoons vilify Israel and Jews and never Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims.der!! Ok just because the Fairfax Jerusalem based corespondent has a virulent hatred towards Israel it has nothing to do with the fact every day Oloughlin vilifies Israel in his articles. der!! Ok just because the Age continually publish letters from members of ‘’Australians for Palestine’’ and Woman for Palestine’’ with out any acknowledgment to their readers of their affiliations is no big deal or the fact that they do not allow right of response from those that support Israel.der!1
Just because the Middle East correspondent for the AFR has written 2 biographies on his hero Yassar Arafat and only ever contributes artic\les critical of Israel and USA doesn’t mean Fairfax is bias.der!
Just because Fairfax do not have a Zionist staff writer to off set all their Arabist staff writers doesn’t mean that Fairfax is bias der!… and they say Jews run the media. They wish!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Danby MP makes allegations that Fairfax Age/SMH and AfR coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are bias and not fair and balanced, so lets check out a few facts on the ground.
1. The new Editor Jaspan replaces a left wing Editor sent to Washington whose new job was to send back daily negative reports s on America. Jaspan comes from a Scottish Newspaper that said ‘’Israelis deserved to be attacked by Palestinian suicide bombers”’ or words to that effect..

2. The Jerusalem based corespondent Ed Oloughlin has a virulent hatred towards Israel and going back on all his articles 99.99% are all-negative towards Israel and very little if any outright criticism of Palestinians or Arabs. His replacement even admits in an interview that Fairfax needs to be more balanced.

3. The Age has a Palestinian activist/Advocate Maher Muhgrabi as a staff writer to contribute articles on the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

4. . The Age have a Muslim activist/advocate Waleed Aly spokesman for Islamic council of Victoria as a Staff writer He also contributes articles on Israel/Palestinian conflict, and terrorism.

5. The AFR Middle east corrosopnadnat based in the Middle East Tony Walker has written 2 biographies on Yassas Arafat and only contributes negative articles on Israel and USA.

6. . The Age allow members of ‘Australians for Palestine’ and ‘Woman for Palestine’ Moammar Mashmi and Dora Mcphee to continually write in letters attacking Israel but the Age refuse to let their readers be aware of these advocates affiliations and never allow right of response.

7. . The Age give Op- Ed space to Australians for Palestine’s Moammar Mashmi to vilify Israel and support the Palestinians with right out of response.

8. . Michael Leunig occasionally advocates for the Palestinians and constantly vilifies Israel and Jews in his cartoons but never Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims.

9. . Occasionally The Age allow a pro Israel op ed but the very next day allow severe criticism of the author’s views but will not publish any views that agree with the author.

These are just a quick over view of the way in which Fairfax operates. It is hard to believe Fairfax can claim any partiality on it reporting of the Israel /Palestinian conflict and be taken seriously.
Imagine the outcry from the left and Palestinian supporters if a Pro Israel Zionist eg ‘Colin Rubenstein” was engaged by The Australian as a staff writer on Israel /Palestinian issues