Tuesday, October 31, 2006


In light of the absurdity of claims that assaults like the Simchat Torah attack on Menachem Vorcheimer are related to Israeli policy or the defence of its citizens against would be mass murderers in the Middle East, here's a thought provoking article from Adam Garfinkle of The American Interest Online THE MADNESS OF JEWCENTRICITY. I'd be interested in your comments.

[Hat Tip: Ronald Green]

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine if it were Jews raping and piliging, rioting in Sydney.
Just imagine if it were Rabbis vilifying Muslims, Arabs and inciting hatred in the synagogues and schools.
Just imagine if it was Muslims that required armed guards to protect their mosques, schools, community centres and community from fanatical potential Jewish Suicide bombers and other extremists willing to murder inn the name of a Jewish God.
Just imagine if it was a rabbi that insulted 50% of the Australian population.
Just imagine if the Sydney Jails were overflowing with Jews and that ASIO had Jews on the watch list for terrorism and were bugging their synagogues.

Nah... its too hard to imagine!