Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Tension is mounting in the Gaza Strip as a Palestinian group threatens to kill prominent Hamas leaders and the power struggle between Fatah and the ruling Hamas movement escalates after two days of internal fighting in which 12 Palestinians were killed and more than 100 wounded. Palestinian group threatens to kill Hamas leaders

Apparently some of the dead were civilian bystanders and all of the deaths will probably be attributed ultimately to the Israelis where they will wind up on the scoreboard of Palestinians killed since Yasser Arafat started hostilities in late September, 2000.

And if not the Israelis, it will be somebody else who will be blamed, but not the Palestinians who are doing the fighting themselves. They are lillywhite because they "suffer" like no other people on this earth do and this gives them special privileges when it comes to dealing with their own people and their neighbours.

Azzam Tamimi, is a Palestinian-born academic based in Britain, who advocates "martyrdom", calls Israel a "cancer in the body of humanity" and maintains that it should be "eradicated". He not only has been given a voice in Britain’s Guardian newspaper but also a headline containing the word "Peace".

That's about as close as you'll ever get to reading about a meaningful and peaceful resolution of this conflict from Azzam Tamimi whose advice is nothing more than a recipe for a civil war, further bloodshed and more squandered opportunities to reach true peace.

I'm sure we'll be reading and hearing more of the same from the apologists for Palestinian violence and from those who seek to demonise Israel rather than encourage Palestinian compliance with existing agreements which obligate them to fight terrorism, to arrest and disarm terrorists, put an end to the incitement and to accept Israel as a sovereign Jewish state.

The international community recognises this as the best way to end the conflict and of course, to end the occupation of most of the land conquered by Israel in 1967. Unfortunately, the likes of Azzam Tamimi and the thugs who are slugging it out in Gaza and the West Bank don't get it yet!

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