Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sometimes the Melbourne Age chief cartoonist and icon in residence gets it right.

Today's cartoon is brilliant and insightful in that it highlights one of the major deficiencies in news reporting these days.

Leunig correctly exposes the reporting sin of deliberate omission, one that much of the media is guilty of committing from time to time - even his own paper, the Melbourne Age.

Especially when it comes to its coverage of the events of the ongoing conflict between Israel and her neighbours.

Hardly a day goes by without a negative or critical article about Israel in the Age. There is no other nation in the world that has every aspect of its conduct scrutinised as closely as does the Jewish State in this newspaper. Those who oppose it, including the more violent ones, are often depicted as victims and subject to suffering; the families of suicide bombers receive more sympathetic attention than the bombers who kill and maim innocent people.

Conversely, when internal violence between the different terrorist gangs in Gaza or the West Bank leads to a dozen deaths including those of innocent bystanders as it did last week, heads turn the other way. The violent death cults, the intimidation, the honour killings and the bombing of churches by armed Palestinian groups in these territories are barely on the radar of the Age newspaper.

It's all just more stuff for the blank pages.


Anonymous said...


I receive The Australian, Herald Sun and Age every day what stands out is The Age reporting or ''Non reporting "'on stories invloving muslims.
Whilst the other papers report about the goings on of say Lebanese Muslims in Sydney constantly in trouble with the law or the ongoing reporting of Muslims standing trial for terrorist charges or any stories what so ever that may show Muslims in a negative light the Age never report these stories and unless one reads The Australian or The Herald Sun you would never know about the out of all proportion violence including terrorist allegations and charges against Muslims\ in Australia,or about all the numerous stories comming out of Europe where muslim immigrants are causing sever problems.These stories are totaly ignored in the Age whilst always appear in the other papers.
The only reporting The Age does on Muslims is to do with asylum seekers, refugees and David Hicks.

It appears The Age has a policy of not reporting any negative stories about Muslims as well as only reporting negative stories about Israel.

It would not be difficult to prove these allegations if some one was to take The Australian, herald Sun and Age over the last twelve months and see the stories some ''major stories"' to do with Muslims that only the Age has ignored>

Anonymous said...

Leunigs cartoon depicting a guy reading the report about allegedly 655000 Iraqis being killed because of the Americans and coalition not surprising leaves out the most important part of the report that most of the Iraqis killed {not the bullshit figure of 655,000 probably half that} are sectarian killings with Sunni Muslims killing Shea Muslims and visa versa..

I guess the left will argue the Americans are forcing Muslims to kill Muslims {or they will argue Muslims are killing Muslims because of the Zionists}