Wednesday, November 01, 2006


One strike involving three Pakistani helicopters and ... poof!

The lives of 80 innocent young students at a Muslim religious school have been snuffed out - PAKISTAN GUNSHIPS KILL 80 AT RELIGIOUS SCHOOL!

That's just one strike in one day!

Now imagine if Israel acted with such efficiency when it defended itself against Hizbullah's 14 July 2006 attacks in their recent 34 day war?

The IDF struck Lebanon hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day with precision attacks on Hizbullah targets.

If it was Israel's real intention to cause disproportionately massive loss of life as has been alleged against it, then just ten daily incidents of that magnitude would have led to 800 deaths per day or over 27,000 fatalities in slightly over a month of conflict.

Instead, the death toll was around 1,000. If we believe Lebanese estimates then all of the dead were presumably as "innocent" as those young Pakistani "students" in that madrassa in Chingai.
Of course, we know now that it's likely that at least 600 of those killed in Lebanon were Hizbullah.

This still leaves too many non-combatant deaths but that sort of thing will inevitably happen when a movement like Hizbullah embeds itself within a civilian population and then makes war on a neighbouring country and its citizens.

At least we now have something against which to measure the concept of proportionality.


Anonymous said...

The thing is it's only "disproportionate" when the Jews are involved.

Come to think of it, it won't be long before someone like Fisk or his mate Loewenstein decides that the Pakistani armed forces are entrenched in the pockets of the Israel lobby and that this was the handiwork of the zionist entity.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that nobody condemned Pakistan for ethnic cleansing over this.

Anonymous said...

I thinks Americas responce to Japanese attacks on pearl Harbour was disproportionate!