Monday, November 06, 2006


John Keegan of the London Daily Telegraph predicts that Israel will go to war again soon and tells us why.

The coming war will be on two fronts - southern Lebanon and Gaza where there has been a build up of weaponry coming in from its border with Egypt.

Despite Egyptian undertakings to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza, not a single arrest has been made on the southern Gaza border. Ze'ev Schiff of Haaertz reports that the Egyptians are "neglecting the prevention of smuggling" [EGYPT AND WEAPONS SMUGGLING/EMPTY PROMISES TO PREVENT 'HAMASTAN'].

Aware of the weapons build up and tiring of the continued firing of quassam rockets into its civilian areas the Israelis are striking hard at armed Palestinian groups while Palestinian leaders call for international intervention.

What they mean is that they want the same sort of international intervention that we are seeing in Lebanon - the sort that looks the other way at the smuggling of arms and the digging of fortified tunnels in civilian areas.

But not the sort of international intervention that would bring the parties to the peace table.

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Anonymous said...

I watched BBC World this week and was horrified to see a group of Palestinian women marching into a highly charged situtaion to act as human shields for armed gunmen in Gaza. The report said they were called into action by announcements on the Hamas radio station.

Two of the women were shot dead while trying to harbour a male escapee.

The commentators highlighted the fact that women were shot dead but what horrified me was that they said nothing about the fact that Hamas was bringing civilians into a battle situation.

Later, we'll read about these women as civilian victims of the Israeli army.