Monday, August 02, 2010


This picture taken by Jason Socrates Koutsoukis of the Age shows the parents of Munir Warshara posing with the weapons their son smuggled into the Gaza Strip for Hamas.

Look at the family pictured above and read the the photographer/journalist's portayal of these people and their now dead terrorist son in Besieged Hamas turns on its own

According to Mr Warshara, Munir was executed because he disagreed with the way Hamas was distributing aid money to victims of Israel's Operation Cast Lead offensive in late 2008 and early 2009.

'Munir wanted the money to be distributed equally to all people who needed it,' he says. 'The other Hamas leaders wanted to give the money only to other members of Hamas, or to keep the money for themselves.'

Look at the people, look at the weapons and understand how they are portrayed. Then consider that a rocket landed in Ashkelon, Israel a few days ago and it might dawn as to why Israel is blockading the Hamas ruled fascist thugocracy. The Israelis are under an obligation to look after their citizens and their security. Not easy when you're dealing with cuthroat murderers like Munir Warshara and many a lot worse than him.

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