Monday, August 16, 2010

How low can McGeough go?

The Brisbane Times is one of the more anonymous members of the Fairfax stable. I've spent plenty of time in Brisbane but I have yet to witness a single person reading the newspaper which makes it the perfect repository for the publication of Paul McGeough's embarassingly propagandist anti-Israel pap.

Here's an example of some of his latest spite laced work - Israel displays the fine art of buck-passing without losing authority

McGeough can't bring himself to mention the real perpetrators of the violence on the I'll-fated flotilla of fraudstera with which he proudly sailed in May of this year. The thugs from the Turkish terrorist group IHH which funded much of this fake peace lovers junket to Gaza.

The man who now finds himself out of synch with other Fairfax journalists who acknowledge the fatal role of those who attacked the Israelis who boarded the Mavi Marmara and that makes him even more perfect for the role of standard bearer for The Blank Pages of the Times.

This is the sort of news this journalist won't dare break for the handful of poor people who might buy the Brisbane Times in the expectation of reading some real news written objectively rather than by a tired hack with an agenda - IHH lauds new Hamas Gaza terror group

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