Sunday, March 10, 2013


In today's letters section, a piece from one correspondent who reckons Hamas, despite the fact that its "repugnant", should continue its policies of violence and hatred towards Jews because if it doesn't then the Israelis will oppress the Palestinians. Sounds a little confused about the meaning of peace negotiations, doesn't he? Sole bargaining chip Paul McGeough rightly focused on an important issue - the conditions imposed on Hamas before the Western powers will negotiate with it (''Hamas chief opens up but stays defiant'', 3/3). While it sounds reasonable to, among other things, ask Hamas to renounce violence and recognise Israel, it should be realised that these are the sole bargaining chips that Hamas has. Once these concessions are made, Israel has what it wants and does not need to offer any concessions of its own. It can continue to oppress the Palestinians and proceed with its progressive theft of Palestinian land, while stonewalling in any negotiations. Hamas is a repugnant organisation, but that doesn't prevent its leader speaking the truth occasionally. GREG PLATT, Brunswick Then there's this view that sums it up so much better. Nothing has changed Folksy photographs of Hamas leader Khalid Mishal belie the fact that nothing has changed: Hamas is a still a terrorist organisation whose charter formally calls for the genocide of a neighbouring country (Israel), and whose military wing routinely attempts suicide and rocket attacks to further this aim. Mishal's view of the region may well include himself as leader of the Palestinian people, but it also includes the eradication of Israel. ALAN FREEDMAN, St Kilda East

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