Monday, September 10, 2012


The dire financial situation in the West Bank under the Palestine Authority's administration is certainly a matter of concern and it's about time the Age woke up and highlioghted the corruption, ineptitude and inefficiency of the PA in this area. Off course, Ruth Pollard would not be herself if she failed to highlight the effect of the "occupation" in relation to the plight of the Palestinian economy and the demonstrations taking place there - Crisis deepens as mass protests hit West Bank.

Nor would she be herself if she left out the part about the role of the Palestinian leadership and the various political groups within their society in perpetuating that occupation by concentrating on delegitimising Israel at every turn, something about which Pollard herself should be all too familiar.

Meanwhile, it came as no surprise to read this and to discover that there was no mention of the recent deaths of more than 400 Palestinian refugees at the hands of the Syrians or of the rockets fired at Israeli civilian targets by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

Little wonder the Palestinians are in crisis.

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