Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anti-Semitism still a roadblock to peace

This article in The Australian by Ian Wilcock is well worth a read - Anti-Semitism still a roadblock to peace
IT would be a hard heart that could not feel sympathy for Palestinian national aspirations, if the objective is the establishment of a state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel. Nonetheless, it remains a formidably difficult task to accommodate the competing interests of these two national movements in the tiny chunk of territory in question. (The size of Israel and the West Bank combined is only about one-ninth the area of Victoria).

However, that challenge is made even more daunting by the torrent of virulent anti-Semitism emanating from the Palestinian Authority and bodies it controls. These utterances should be deeply alarming to anyone with an even passing familiarity with where the worst excesses of dehumanising anti-Semitism can lead.

An organisation named Palestinian Media Watch does an outstanding job of bringing attention to what the PA and related organisations are saying in Arabic, as opposed to the usually more temperate comments made in English for the world outside the Middle East.

The views of this author would never get an airing in some other media outlets for the obvious reasons.

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