Saturday, July 09, 2011


What a week it's been!

While Israel's detractors failed to provoke the Jewish State and its people on land, by sea and in the air, while Libyan leader Gaddafi threatened "martyr attacks" on Europe, Syrian  leader Assad continued to murder his own people in the streets, Egyptian Copts remain persecuted, Hizbullah was accused of murdering a Lebanese leader, dead bodies piled up in Irak, Hamas banned male hairdressers and got even tougher with gay people, Iran boasted of its missile systems while racist incitement against Jews was heard in the Palestine Authority media, Sudan and Pakistan cracked down on their media, a handful of provocateurs flew into Ben Gurion Airport in the latest hate-soaked stunt in a declaration that they had no interest in promoting peace in the region.

They get publicity here even when it's clear that they are morally bankrupt and without scruples - Israel grounds pro-Palestinian activists and increases security at air.

Then again, it's not true that they are so much pre-Palestinian as they are anti-Israel and one wonders about the scruples of newspapers that publish articles that finish like this:-

"Israel says people on board shot first and attacked with iron bars, a charge they deny."

Because we know it's not just that they deny what Israel says. They actually deny what the world has seen with its own eyes through medium of the video evidence and to wheich even the Fairfax Middle East Bureau chief grudgingly admitted on 2 June 2010 - Pressure mounts on Israel.

"Among the scores of people wounded on Monday were several Israeli soldiers whom the military said had been beaten with sticks and stabbed as soon as they landed on the deck. Video footage released by Israel appeared to back up its claim."

The video didn't just "appear" to back up Israel's claim that the incident was a provocation - it proved it!

And beyond that, many of those associated with the flotilla and various assorted anti-Israel stunts ever since have continued to tell outright lies about the flotilla, about Gaza and about the relationship between Israel and Palestine to this very day.

Fortunately, opinion is turning against the provocateurs asa they understand that these stunts are nothing more than scamsand hence, the failure of the latest round of flotilla madness.


Anonymous said...

This was a newspaper story?

Anonymous said...

There's something really obscene about grubby idiots making fools of themselves at the airport of a democratic country while just a few hundred miles away a madman is murdering his own people in Syria and this mob wouldn't care one iota.