Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today's Australian editorial argues that the villainy of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad knows no bounds - Hezbollah armed by evil Assad.
Just when it seemed reasonable to assume the dictator in Damascus had his hands full in ruthlessly suppressing the democratic aspirations of his blighted people, it has been disclosed his regime is accelerating weapons supplies -- including missiles that bring Israel, Jordan and Turkey within range -- to Hezbollah terrorists in neighbouring Lebanon.

Unsurprisingly, Iran's thumbprints are all over shipments that make Hezbollah's the most powerful non-state military force in the world. The Shia group's new arsenal includes Scud missiles with a range of 700km.

So who supports this murderer and his regime?

Well, these flotillistas do - they're organising a flotilla to support Assad - Lebanese women travel to Syria to support Assad.

Now we know why the flyllistas don't bother flying into Damascus to support the butcher. They're on his side.


Anonymous said...

This type of Editorial would not have got past the Al ' Fairfax Editorial committee


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