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At the Fairfax AGM last November, Company Chair Roger Corbett responded to questions from shareholders about his organisation's anti-Israel bias by claiming that the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald coverage was "balanced".

This claim is of course utter nonsense and this item in yesterday's Australian demonstrates the contempt of this response towards shareholders and readers alike - Can you win a Walkley for explaining why a little bit of Islamism never hurt anyone?

SMH star journo Paul McGeough sees the bright side of terrorists taking over in the Middle East.

Targeting terrorists? Treason. Paul McGeough in The Sydney Morning Herald , January 27:

THE level of guidance and direction from the West in the West Bank and the extent of the collaboration between Abbas's Palestinian Authority and the Israeli defence and intelligence establishment is extraordinary. In any other country, the weaker half of the body politic teaming up with powerful foreign forces and the government of the country that occupies its land would be seen as treason.

What's wrong with Islamists? McGeough in the SMH , January 29:

BY current American thinking it would never do to have Islamists in power in the Palestinian Occupied Territories or in Lebanon and therefore they heed every despot's warning that the Islamists are waiting in the wings across North Africa and the Middle East.

McGeough in The New York Times , April 12, 2009:

OVER the long term, Hamas accepts the concept of two states in the Levant, which arguably puts Mr Mishal's terrorist movement closer to Washington than Mr Netanyahu is -- he now proposes only "economic peace" between Jews and

Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) video clip, December 3, 2010

ALLAH, oh our Lord, vanquish Your enemies, enemies of the religion [Islam] in all places. Allah, strike the Jews and their sympathisers, the Christians and their supporters, the communists and their adherents. Allah, count them and kill them to the last one, and don't leave even one.
Get it? Fairfax and its "star" reporter really do have a hide.

The Israelis and Arabs have been locked together in a deadly conflict for several decades and these people have the temerity to tell those Palestinians who seem to be making genuine attempts to resolve their differences based upon parameters suggested by the world's peacekeepers to walk away from peace efforts.

This is tantamount to telling them to embrace the warmongering fascists of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and thereby consigning future generations to hatred and to miserable lives of conflict and bloodshed. Which is in fact nothing new for this reporter.

Indeed, it comes as no surprise at all to those who have read McGeough's ridiculous one-sided accounts of recent events including the Islamist inspired flotilla debacle and his sympathetic puff pieces about the Free Gaza movement which strangely omit any mention of the fascist, genocidal Hamas movement and "accidentally" blame Israel for a murder of a young Palestinian child which a French court has ruled it almost certainly did not commit.

And how strange it was for Fairfax to somehow edit the words of a Walkley award winner so that a correction was required within a week of their publication leading many to ask the question "who really writes this stuff if such glaring mistakes arise as a result of the editing process"?

Anyway, back to the Australian's point about whether a little bit of Islamism ever hurting anyone. The Middle East is littered with vicims of Islamism. Pictured below is Palestinian leader Mohammad Amin al-Husayni meeting with Adolf Hitler in December 1941. They were planning a solution to the Jewish "problem" which fundamentally does not differ from that which Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are pushing to the Arab world at the moment. That is the alternative that some people are suggesting to a peaceful negotiated solution. Please look at the picture and then read the comments above for an understanding of the disgustingly unbalanced and unhinged world view they present.

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Anonymous said...

Fairfax Arabist Pro- Muslim ,leftist anti- American, terrorist sympathizing anti- Zionist culture is way too ingrained from the top down to ever change.

After imagine the outcry if The Australian had Journalists that were Palestinian activists and Muslim Islamic council spokespeople.