Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pompous Pilger Pasted

That John Pilger is an pompous, oafish boor who enjoys hearing the sound of his own voice is a well known and well documented proposition. He proved it again on Monday night on ABC1's Q & A when he was outshone by every other member of the panel and made to look a fool (many would say he does that naturally anyway).

In today's Australian,  Brendan O'Neill takes him and the West's so-called radical left to task - Palestine an obsession of radical West, not Arabs
In spite of everything we've seen over the past month of upheaval in Arab coutries, Pliger was sticking to tired and hackneyed lie that until "the Palestinians are given back their rights we're going to have instability throughout the Middle East. That is central to everything."

Only in the minds of those who are blind to the truth, as O'Neill points out in this article.
It's very revealing that Palestine has become less important for Arabs and of the utmost symbolic importance for Western radicals at exactly the same time. With the Palestinian people somewhat deflated, the Palestine issue can become perfect political fodder for the victim-oriented, fancy-dress radicals of the modern West.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Opinion piece on the Israeli/ Arab conflict one of the best I've read.

Anonymous said...

From the Australian

Q & A smackdown

THERE is something else to say about The Spectator Australia, but first, a small confession. When we learned our esteemed colleague Greg Sheridan would be appearing as a panellist on ABC1's Q & A program on the very same night as John Pilger, we emailed host Tony Jones and, casting the remains of our dignity to the wind, begged him to seat the two side by side. And lo, it came to pass. While it never quite morphed into the night of rock 'n' roll wrestling we'd hoped for ("And in the blue corner, Greg 'The Destroyer' Sherrrrrrrridan!"), we express our gratitude to Jones; henceforth, we will think of the Q & A studio as the Dream Factory. It seems Shero enjoyed himself, judging by the headline across the top of the cover of the latest Spectator: "Greg Sheridan: John Pilger was every bit as awful as I thought he'd be." If Pilger comes on board, we could have something to rival the Bob Ellis-Gerard Henderson Dialogues (as seen in Strewth for way too much of this week). In the meantime, what couplings would you like to see on Q & A? We're hoping for a trio: Kevin Rudd, Paul Howes and Craig Emerson. There's a slab in it for you, Tony.

James Jeffrey