Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's Kapo

Some years ago, a young Jewish boy in a community in these parts celebrated his barmitzvah. There was some disquiet among those invited because the youngster's grandfather was known to be a kapo - a Jew who during the Holocaust had done the bidding of the Nazis in the concentration camps. Some did it out of cruelty, others for self-presevation. Whatever the case, in many instances the kapos became more hated among Jews than the Nazis. In the event, several guests at the barmitzvah refused to attend rather than to be in the same place as a kapo.

The news from South Africa is that Sir Richard Goldstone who led the unbalanced UN mission to investigate Israel's Operation Cast Lead against Hamas in 2008-9 is now regarded as today's kapo - Goldstone pressured into not attending grandson’s bar mitzvah

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