Thursday, April 01, 2010


Chechen terrorists murder more than 30 Russian civilians and The Independent newspaper has no qualms about calling them "terrorists" whereas those nice killers in Hamas and Fatah are merely "miltants". Here's an op ed article from Shaun Walker asking was the motive for Moscow attacks revenge?
It has been several years since the Russian capital was last hit by a major terrorist attack, but yesterday's events recall the early years of Vladimir Putin's presidency, when Chechen terrorists struck at trains, planes and even a theatre in the city. They suggest that a decade after Mr Putin's promise to track down terrorists and "waste them in the outhouse", the Caucasus insurgency still has the ability to strike at the heart of Russia.

But hey, does anyone really give a continental whether Putin wastes Chechens in the outhouse, roasts them for dinner or whatever?

Not some of the psychopaths who read The Independent and comment on issues such as these. Catch the comments below the article and you'll notice that two of the first three comments came from lamebrains who took the opportunity to attack the little Satan, Israel (along with the Big Satan who's not looking so Satanical lately since Obama took some low shots at the little devil). The first brings Israel into the equation, the second and third do so viciously (and stupidly). A pox on them!

But the psychopaths aren't restricted to the likes of davereed2, thetwitchyone and yasmineat. I saw others discussing Israel on BBC's Dateline London, a worthless discussion programme compered by Gavin Esler in which "foreign correspondents currently posted to London are supposed to look at events in the UK through outsiders' eyes, and at how the issues of the week are being tackled around the world."

What absolute rubbish.

The programme was an excuse for the host and three of his four panellists to beat up on Israel and the poor Israeli journalist had to sit through a welter of accusations (most of them baseless) about his country and including some of the most vile, and pompous chest beating hypocrisy about the alleged use of passports (of course it wasn't "alleged", it was a sure thing), Israel's tranished image and Obama. The so-called "journalists" got most things wrong such a journalist who writes about China which country has been brutalising occupied Tibet and settled millions of Chines quietly in that country in the world's longest running occupation. She should know better but came out with a doozy about Israeli soldiers killing a 15 year old Palestinian as if this practice was public policy. No more detail than that and there was no balance in her "story".

By the time these bloodsuckers finished their sickening venting against the Jewish State I was almost convinced it was a rehearsal for an April Fool’s joke rather than a serious programme about politics. But it's no joke - that's the state of Britain these days.

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Morry Whitehead said...

Divine justice - will Fisk have to find a new home from where to spew.

Independent News & Media said Thursday that it is selling The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers to Independent Print, a company controlled by the family of Alexander Lebedev, for one pound.