Friday, April 24, 2009


Zvika Krieger reports that in the New Republic that Jewish and Pro-Israel groups have turned the tables on the haters and their visible presence in Geneva for Durban 2 is having an effect - Durban II Dispatch: Spoiling For a Fight This conference was supposed to be filled with anti-Semites. What happened?

To be sure, Ahmedinjejad's speech yesterday was filled with anti-Israel bile, and the Arab delegates have spent the past few hours using their seven allotted minutes at the podium in the Assembly Hall (where I am sitting right now) to lambaste the Jewish state. But unlike the accounts I've read of Durban I, where the entire conference seemed united in their hatred of Israel, I have yet to really see any anti-Israel protesters other than at a few sporadic outbreaks, or even much anti-Israel literature or posters--and definitely nothing even close to what was distributed at the 2001 conference. Any time I've seen an Arab or Iranian NGO giving an interview to the media, a group of Jews is waiting eagerly nearby to respond.

So the anti-Semites are still out there but Jews and their friends are now fighting back.

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