Tuesday, January 24, 2012


You would have thought that a student of Jewish History could spell "Anti-Semitism" but not Sara Dowse, an apologist for The Promise, the British series run by SBS late last year.

A letter from Dowse to Michael Ebeid of SBS gets a run on the website of Australians for Palestine. In it, she tries to justify the screening of the series and attacks the comprehensive complaint from Mr Peter Wertheim of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry about the recent SBS screening of the series. She claims to be "a student of Jewish history and the British Mandate period in particular" and reckons that she found it to be "an amazingly fair-minded fictional portrayal of an immensely complex set of events".

Naturally, as with virtually every critic of Jewish community stand, she fails to go into any specifics. Apparently, she's been thinking about it but "time has been the only impediment".

I would suggest to Dowse that time isn't the only impediment as she goes on to add:

"I’ve been surprised not to hear of negative comment about ‘The Promise’ until now, given that the knee-jerk response to anything remotely critical of Israel or the Jewish partisans in the lead-up to its establishment is to slap on the label of Anti-Semiticism."

One wonders what world she's been living in and really ... if she's such an expert on the subject she professes to be so knowledgeable about, why she can't address one of the many examples of the Wertheim complaint and debate about it and then perhaps, tell us what "Anti-Semiticism" means.

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Trout said...

Surprised that you're not aware of the meaning of "Antisemiticism".

It's what Jews do who don't particularly want to be Jews to express their pathological hatred of other Jews, particularly those who love the ancestral Jewish homeland. It manifests itself in delusional behaviour like giving their wholehearted support to those who want to destroy the Jewish people.

I'm sure Dowse knows all about Antisemiticism.