Monday, January 23, 2012

Persiflage or Propaganda - one side now

A couple of days ago I referred to a deceitful piece of propaganda dressed up as news in the Melbourne Age about the Palestinian Speed Sisters who drive at speeds of 200 km/h in the shadows of the oppression of the occupation.

The Australian's Cut and Paste has identified the same story calling it "Persiflage or propaganda?"

I'll settle for both.

I'm still wondering if the Palestine Bureau chief of the Age ever bothers to look at the other side. For instance, here's an interesting piece from The Jerusalem Post - Israel and the Palestinian Arabs – The last six months (Part 1).

"... just last week we read that Israeli doctors are treating the wife of the mastermind of the Munich massacre. Abu Daoud’s terrorist gang murdered 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in 1972. Today, his wife is being cared for at Tel Aviv’s Assuta Hospital. Her three daughters from Ramallah, Jordan and Syria have even been granted visas to visit her."

Perfect for the Blank Pages of the Age.

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