Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The celebration of imperialist lackeydom

Colonialism and imperialism used to be the scourge of any self-respecting leftist but thanks to Peter Kosminsky's "The Promise" it has made a stunning comeback in these circles.

Suddenly, the word of British soldiers who took part in the British occupation is taken as the gospel truth while those who fought to remove them from their land are thieves, murderers and liars. The old system has been thrown over its head.

Well, not exactly because the new system only applies when there are Jews involved. 

Absent the Jews and guerilla warfare against the imperialist enemy and its lackeys is, um, well ... still kosher. 

But terrorism, as evidenced by the small group of nasty Jews in their war against the British and by the modern day Israelis who have the utter gall to resist suicide bombers and missile attacks on their civilians is bad. In every other conflict, we will find an excuse for it because one man's terrorism is another man's fish.

That's why The Promise can't be taken seriously - because if the basic premise is that those murdering Jews lost the hearts and minds of the British troops back in the mandate days because of the behaviour of the Irgun and Stern Gang then what does it say about Islamist terror today that's evident in dozens of different parts of the globe and responsible for so much death and destruction today? Look at Iraq, the Phillipines, Afghanistan, Thailand, Syria and Nigeria - it's everywhere!

However, in the eyes of those who subscribe to the Kosminsky world view, that sort of violence only deserves our condemnation if the perpetrators are circumcised*.

* ladies, please forgive my non-pc ways but it's a different world today and my mind's been blown after hearing the latest rendition of the Internationale from the local muezzin.

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Lev Bronstein said...

Your best post Post.

Those damn Jews have given we revolutionaries a bad name.

So much so that we need to reinvent history to get our message of condemnation across to them.

It's just not kosher.