Sunday, January 22, 2012


The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (Chairperson Fiamma Nirenstein MP) has issued a condemnation of ongoing human rights repression in Gaza.

Rome — "As chairperson of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians I would like to express the solidarity of our organization with Mahmoud Abu Rahma, a human and civil rights activist, who has been recently stabbed in Gaza, as reported by Al-Mezan, a Gaza-based NGO that employs Mr. Abu Rahma.

The attack is allegedly connected to the release of an article written by Abu Rahma in December, in which he sharply criticized the Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, as well as Gazan and West Bank leadership, for repeated human and civil rights violations, banning the freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly, and the use of torture and illegal detentions, which resulted in the death of several individuals. In his article, Abu Rahma also condemned the unfortunate common practice by terrorist groups to act in "densely-populated areas", displaying a "continuous negligence of the resistance groups who show little or no care for people's life and well being".

The abuse of human rights in Gaza has steadily increased since Hamas’ coup in 2007. Political opponents, women, homosexuals, religious minorities are reported to be under a growing threat. There has also been mounting intolerance toward Gaza's small Shiite minority, which has lately experienced harassment and mass arrests while celebrating a Shiite holiday.

The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians, an organization committed to uphold the principles of democracy, further the cause of human rights and promote the rule of law, firmly condemns the ongoing repression in Gaza. We praise the courage of Mahmoud Abu Rahma and we call on the international community to open its eyes and act to shine a light on Gaza’s human rights situation, first and foremost by supporting political objectors, so that their exposure will not be vain".

The tragedy is that most of the world doesn't know or care about the likes of Mahmoud Abu Rahma. He should have been a racing driver.

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