Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's just not right for them to put our suicide bombers in jail!

The Palestinian Speed Sisters: Racing for unthruth, injustice and the Palestine Authority way!

It looks as though  the Age Palestine Bureau newbie, Ruth Pollard, is following office policy to never miss an opportunity to remind readers about the Israeli occupation complete with road blocks and check points designed to make life difficult for the Palestinians. Every activity the Palestinians undertake today - even their sports - must be dictated by that  same old tired story of oppression by those nasty, sadistic Jews who, for no reason at all, make life difficult for these charming people who want nothing more in their lives than to love their fellow humans. Pollard's effort today is a good example - Palestinian  women take the fast track to freedom.

In a story about a few Palestinian chicks who like racing cars, Pollard doesn't hold back in letting her dumb readership know about Israel's military occupation which allegedly "permeates every part of Palestinian life, enforced by a network of checkpoints staffed by heavily armed soldiers, many of them fresh out of school".

I say "dumb", because almost every article published nowadays in this newspaper about the conflict between Israel and the Arabs always seems to boil down to that single point while the other side of the conflict is routinely ignored. If anyone can be convinced that the current situation has been brought about by one side only and that the Palestinians are blameless in this tragic scenario, then that person is a dumb fool.

And I reckon the Age thinks that there are enough dumb fools among its readership to think that it can get away with consigning any negative story about the Palestinians and their supporters directly into the blank pages that nobody is allowed to read.

We are rarely informed about the reasons why the occupation continues to this very day - how the dysfunctional Palestinian leadership has refused to negotiate on countless Israeli peace offers, how divided they are and how Hamas in Gaza preaches genocide against its Jewish neighbours and how the corrupt and duplicitous Palestine Authority does the same but only unofficially. The fact remains that right now in officially sanctioned PA media the hate and bigotry against the Jews is there for everyone to see - unless you're like the Age and you don't want to see and you don't want your readers to know about it. That's why news about such real news like the call by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Ahmad Hussein for the killing of Jews on PA television is off Pollard's radar, not to mention the constant threats of violence against Jews and the regular missile attacks on Israeli civilian targets where school busses are attacked and infants get their throats slit while in bed.

So what we're left with is a puff piece story about a few Palestinian chicks who like driving fast - so fast that when one of them drove at  200km/h on a highway in Israel she was busted by the cops (read: occupation regime) who took away her licence. Now, the bastards will only let her "drive her modified black 328i BMW on the track, or at the practice area  in the shadow of Ofer prison in Betunia, where so many Palestinians have been  tried before military courts and jailed."

You have to love the way Pollard managed to weave the propaganda about Palestinians being tried before military courts and jailed into a tale about a driver who risks the lives of other road users by going at double the speed limit. Never mind that Pollard neglects to provide examples of why some of these people were tried and jailed in the first place?

Oh, and she must have forgotten the quote,

"It's just not right for them to put our suicide bombers in jail!"

If the occupation is bad and so oppressive, why are the Israelis allowing these women to race in Israel's formula-three competition in Eilat which is part of the Jewish State and not "occupied territory"?

The Speed Sisters recently went to Britain and one told Pollard how  beautiful London was with her "long dark curls  spilling over the impossibly  cool Ferrari jacket she picked up on the  trip." That's a fantastic line for a laugh especially when you think about how they would go about speeding cars and wearing that racy gear in Gaza, the home of fundamentalists in Hamas?

While in London she probably turned on the television to view The Promise and thought she was back home watching the racist anti-Semitic revisionist history the PA puts on. The only difference is that the folks back home aren't as dumb as the Age thinks its readership is - although they're still embarrassed because they know it's all lies and garbage.

Meanwhile, in Gaza the disgusting treatment of women, gays and religious minorities under Hamas goes on unabated without being reported here, but who cares? Not Al Age.

So, all we're left with is the comment of one of those Palestinian blokes who boasts that in "Saudi Arabia, women are prevented from  driving - here in Palestine we have women who drive race cars."

They've been letting women drive cars in Israel since it's inception  - is that good?


Anonymous said...

Love your work.

gulliver_on_tour said...

If you're serious about the Middle East, Pollard is unreadable because, in her, Fairfax has selected someone with preconceived notions about the conflict. A perfect choice if you have a particular agenda but one that you can't possibly trust to provide the real news.

Lev Bronstein said...

Typical of you zionists attacking the jerusalem mufti's right to free speech.

He has every right to call for the killing of the descendants of pigs and monkeys. It's in the Hadith.