Saturday, January 28, 2012

More from the propaganda factory

I was rather bemused to discover on reading this in our local pro-Palestinian propaganda sheet, Al Age - No stone left unpunished.

Having lost their dignity and their moral compass the Al Age editors have really sunk to a new low with this rehash of a previously published and discredited story.

Do they really think that their readership are such mindless cretins as to swallow the proposition that when Palestinian children fling petrol bombs at Israeli soldiers or settlers, this is not a serious offence? That you have to get into the real heavy form of assault and murder before an offence becomes serious?

Try throwing a petrol bomb in the middle of Federation Square this afternoon* and sit back and wait to see whether the public thinks it's a serious offence?

Of course that's not all that's fishy in this Al Age article. When one reads this piece from AIJAC - When propaganda masquerades as fact one can easily understand exactly why this is so and why its credibility on matters Middle Eastern plumbs new depths with every day.

* I don't recommend this by the way.

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