Friday, January 21, 2011


Nick Dyrenfurth skewers Bob Brown's party in Greens starting to show true political colours. He has a bit to say about the Greens' debacle in Marrickville -

Particular attention should be directed towards the NSW Greens. At its December State Delegates Council, the party decided to officially support the anti-Israel boycott, sanctions and divestment movement.

The Greens-controlled Marrickville council, in Sydney's inner west, quickly moved to implement party policy by officially backing the counterproductive and potentially anti-Semitic boycott in its entirety.

The good burghers of the inner west are now compelled to boycott Israel. Will the homes of Marrickville Jews be searched for illegal products? We shall await with bated breath the council's replacement of Israeli-designed Google search engines, Intel processors and other technology. Perhaps carbon-neutral homing pigeons will be recruited to fill the communications void.

Upset Greens groupies trying to go into damage control on the comments section. One of them claims that "The Greens do not have a 'sinister agenda', their policies are clearly described in detail on their website. Greens are not 'infiltrating' local councils, they are elected."

Not true.

The BDS contravenes Greens Party policy found on the Greens website (see pdf file Australian Greens Resultion on Israel/Palestine):

The Australian Greens:

1.2 support the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Israeli people to live in peace and security in their own independent, sovereign state;

1.5 support negotiations to achieve the democratic aspirations of both peoples within an environment of mutual respect and equality;

The Australian Greens will work for:

2.6 the promotion of a culture of dialogue, harmony, peace and reconciliation between the peoples of Palestine and Israel, both in the Middle East and in Australia, fostered through educational, cultural and other institutions.

This is the exact opposite of what supporting the BDS does. The Marrickville Greens, by voting for the boycott, have voted for a policy that directly contradicts the stated Green aims as set out on their website. At the last Federal election I know of Jewish voters who were wavering as to whether to vote for the Greens and who were swayed by the Greens' policy as set out publicly on their website. They trusted what they read but now they are confused.

If the Greens cannot clarify this contradiction then they simply can't be trusted at all in the future. We know this to already be true at local level in Marrickville. If Fiona Byrne is allowed to run for a NSW State seat in Marrickville, then we can be sure this applies there as well.

It's time for Brown to show some leadership and clarify the mess that his underlings have created in Marrickville.


TBS said...

I enjoy many aspects of green entrepeneurship and tech etc but would NEVER vote for this scum party. Any Jew who does is an idiot.

Re marrickville: i was in the supermarket the other day looking to buy cheese. I picked up a nice chunk and then saw it came form Marrickville (didn't know they made the stuff there...)/

I automatically put it back and bought something else.

Did the same with Turkish goods (flotilla incident) recently - it was an automatic reaction.

Shirl in Oz said...

This one sure isn't an idiot.

My eyes are wide open and to the ALP, who have in just two days donated $75,000 to Jewish causes in the East !!!

I wonder why??

Anonymous said...

The greens have had their day, Fiona the Mayor of Marrickville has just tried to use her local council platform to show herself “up” for her attempt at running for State government. The ten Councillors have over stepped the mark on a few council codes and should step down and allow some fresh people that truly represent the Marrickville community.
The green lead council only like their views to be expressed in the local area and quickly shuts down any other view points, such as the ‘Say No To Burqas’ mural in Newtown.
Please do not boycott the hard working people of Marrickville over this issue because of 10 councillors that have no true idea of what the community think, many of locals are still waiting to see the evidence that Fiona’s has on her community consultation. It will become clear in the next few weeks that they have very little support in the great Marrickville community.