Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Another Lie

The Melbourne Age refers to a newly-published WikiLeak cable in which it cites an Israeli general as expecting a 'big war' Nothing new, nothing spectacular and, to the regret of some, nothing damning of the Jewish State.

Naturally, the big lie is repeated in the body of the article. The big lie is the one that says that "The Gaza war - a response to hundreds of rockets fired into Israel - killed about 1400 mainly civilian Palestinians and 13 Israelis, 10 of them soldiers. It ended on January 18, 2009."

This lie was not uncovered by someone in Israel's foreign ministry; rather its source is Hamas itself - Hamas confirms losses in Cast Lead for first time.

I guess the Age can't confirm those losses because making too much mention of would be mass murders and Hamas is a no no.

And on that note, also apparently censored by the Age is this story - read here and here.


Harry Samuel said...

There's a fantastic story for the media about the lies told by the Palestinian propaganda industry from Zionist sharks to falsified deaths and casualty numbers to events that take place on flotillas. 

I won't read that story in the Melbourne Age.

Wilbur Post said...

According to the CEO of Fairfax which publishes the Melbourne Age, his newspapers provide a balanced coverage of reports from the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Yeh peace loving Palestinians ...

TBS said...

hello, Blank, there's more and a lot of specific info on these "civilians" here, including pics of them with weapons and their postion: