Saturday, January 22, 2011


IDF: Bil'in protester died of medical malpractice.

It's almost two weeks since the IDF's commander in the West Bank, Brigadier-General Nitzan Allon issued the following statement to the media -
There is no chance that the gas caused her death. Using tear gas in the way it was used in such an open area, and given the distance where she at which she was standing from the demonstration, there is no chance that her death was caused by the gas," Allon said, adding "today, there is no difference between our understanding of the events and that of the Palestinian (National) Authority's officials.

We have still yet to see a refutation of that comment from the PA.

Meanwhile, CNN talking faces discuss tear gas used to quell Tunisian riots as if it was fairy floss. CNN's Ben Wedeman, who would be scowling at the cameras in disgust if the tear gas was being used in the West Bank, thinks it's all a bit of a hoot when the tear gas is used by Arabs.

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