Friday, January 07, 2011


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Mark Twain observed that a "lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on," and in the world of Palestine Propaganda news that's true not only of the liars but of how their lies are often protected by a media willing to believe them.

Here is how the AFP dealt with the dubious death by tear gassing of Palestian woman Jawaher Abu Rahma - Israel questions tear gas death.

It seems that if someone dies and it's alleged that Israel had something to do with the death then the allegation is proven even when the hospital report says (as it did in her case) that the cause of death was "tear gas inhalation, according to the family".

Only in circumstances such as these is the word of "the family" sufficient and more binding than any coronial inquest as proof of the cause of the death. Everywhere else, this would be laughed off as insanity but the hate Israel crowd laps it up as gospel truth.

Only in circumstances such as these would the government of the area accept the story as proof that Israel had committed "war crimes" even when evidence points to the fact that the deceased was 500 metres away from the rioters involved and when there is no evidence of death from the use of the particular type of tear gas in open spaces anywhere else or at any other time in history.

Only in circumstances such as these would anybody attempt to draw the comparison between the death of this woman and the Nazi gas chambers as did one useful jew who gets trotted out by the ABC and Fairfax seemingly whenever they have the need for an expert on Jewish matters.

Surely it's time to question the sanity of this crowd. Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic does just that in You Know That Big Snowstorm Over Christmas? It Was the Mossad, when he concludes that "much of the region is simply divorced from reality".

And that is the only conclusion you can draw from many of the stories being spead about Israel ranging from the latest lies about the tear gas death, the Israel shark that's ruining Sinai's tourist industry, the invisible Zionist pussy that penetrated Gitmo and the vulture from Tel Aviv that's spying for Israel.

For a piece of sanity, please read Barry Rubin who explains what the Jawaher Abu Rahma is really all about in A New Palestinian Lie About Israel. Incidentally, Rubin has subsequently noted that:

Regarding the story I've written about on how the world media ran a false story of a woman at an anti-Israel demonstration dying from the tear gas fired...People who have reviewed the videotape (now publicly available) say that the demonstrators were...all men. No women present*. (I have not seen it myself but the people who have are reliable sources and it is now available for viewing.)

Not that this all matters to the anti Israel conspiracy theorists, the haters and the useful jews because the lie has already travelled around the world and the truth is starting to lace up its boots.

* I believe this means that there were no women other than "western" women. Certainly no photographic or other pictorial evidence of Abu Rahma have been produced to date.


Twitter said...

My rotweiler barks to the tune of Hava Nagila. Can she get a gig with the Mossad spying on those peaceful rockthrowing demonstrators at B'iln?

Anonymous said...

If this was a deliberate attempt to murder then how is it possible that one person 500 metres away died and not the hundreds of rioters and the other villagers? If the tear gas was lethal it would have resulted in scores of deaths.

This is yet another beat up. Fairfax must send McGeoebbels there straight away so he can provide his own eyewitness accounts for his next four articles.

Twitter said...

It seems that most of the media weren't interested in this one:-

Tanzania: 2 Demonstrators Are Killed

When police shoot and kill demonstrators we look away (unless it's Israeli police) but when a there's a whiff of tear gas anywhere near a Palestinian who later dies, it's a war crime.

Whispering_Jack said...

With all of these animals involved in these Israeli conspiracies, it has become clear that Noah's Ark was the first Zionist flotilla and that them Jews have been manipulating the world's fauna ever since the floodwaters receded.

Anonymous said...

You omitted this one from Turkey entitled "2,200 Policemen Intervened against 500 Students" which starts off like this - "The police intervened with tear gas and combat cars against a group of students that was going to carry out a protest march from the ODTÜ campus to the central office of the Justice and Development Party in Ankara. The students threw stones in response."

Has everybody got it yet?

Quick, send a flotilla and an poodle reporter who has a g/f from the region so we can get to read his unbiased prize winning propaganda reports about peaceful Turkish students getting teargassed while throwing stones.

Anonymous said...

and let us not forget the vile zionist hyenas that prowl the mediterranean sea in search of what's left of the islamic blood on flotillas after the ziomozzies have half suck them dry ....