Monday, January 17, 2011


Richard Millett reports on the defeat last week of a boycott Israel motion at the London School of Economics.

If nothing else, the audio of oncologist Professor Daniel Hochhauser is worth a listen as he demolishes a venomous BDS hypocrite in John Chalcraft.

The Mayor of Marrickville and her council lackeys should also pay heed to the discourse but I somehow doubt they will. The LSE at least held a debate on the issue and those interested had the opportunity to vote for or against (or for that matter, to abstain) but the citizens of Marrickville had no such choice when their council voted to boycott without consultation, without notice or warning in the municipal newspaper or website and without the opportunity to seek an informed discussion.

We know there was no informed discussion because the Mayor admitted she wasn't "au fait" with the situation before committing the citizens of her municipality to a racist policy designed to damage the hopes of peace and reconciliation between the people of an area that has been ravaged by conflict for far too long.

(And that is saying nothing about the question whether a local government council should delve beyond local affairs into the world of international politics).

The citizens of Marrickville are being ruled over by a bunch of thugs who have shown by their behaviour that they hold nothing but contempt for their constituents.

And speaking of thugs, this BDS groupie appears to be digging a pothole for himself that's deeper even than the Marrickville variety - Accused wants judge to face treason charge.

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