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The strange death of 36-year-old Palestinian woman Jawaher Abu Rahma who died less than 24 hours after allegedly participating in a protest against the West Bank separation fence at Bilin is creating a stir. According to Y Net News, Palestinian media reported that Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the "Israeli crime which is part of a series of crimes carried out by the occupation army against our helpless nation," and Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat(who once famously and falsely alleged that Israel had killed thousands and later reduced the figure to ... well maybe, 500 and perhaps only a dozen in the Jenin non massacre) also voiced his condemnation, calling the killing a "war crime."

But my reading of a story in yesterday's Australian (Israelis kill man carrying bottle) raised my suspicions.

Particularly, there were the contradictory statements about the medical condition Ms. Jawaher Abu Rahma. In the final paragraphs of the article we were told:

Doctors say the gas can kill on rare occasions if a victim has a pre-existing condition.

A relative, Mohammed Abu Rahmeh, said Ms Abu Rahma had suffered from asthma since she was a child. However, her parents said she was healthy and did not have asthma.

When one relative says the woman had a pre-existing condition (asthma) and the parents deny it, the matter needs looking into a little further.

Now it seems that there are numerous conflicting pieces of news about the death of this young woman whose brother was also allegedly killed in similar circumstances in 2009.

The IDF has stated that an initial examination raised doubts regarding Abu Rahma's cause of death as she initially sustained light wounds, was released from hospital and later died of her wounds in her home. Other resports say she died in hospital after never recoving from her initial wounds.

According to another relative's facebook page Abu Rama wasn't even at the demonstration (thanks elderofziyon)

The IDF offered to conduct a joint investigation into the woman's death but, according to the Jerusalem Post, the offer has been rejected by the Palestine Authority.

This is the same PA that is usually so eager to investigate anything Israel does but now it has something to hide?

Suspicions have been raised that Jawaher Abu Rahma's death could have been an honour killing but, thanks to the PA, we'll never know. Naturally, the PA would prefer the world to believe that her death is a direct result of occupation and the inhumane violence and brutality against the nonviolent demonstrators (for an example, see above photograph) in the West Bank and not that she might have been murdered by a family ashamed that their daughter had fallen pregnant.


Anonymous said...

The reason why the Palestine Authority was not interested in a full and proper investigation into Ms. Abu Rahma's death was because she didn't die of tear gas poisoning at all - and they know it.

Israel's Nana-Channel 10 website has now reported that  a military investigation found that she died of cancer. In fact, she had been lying in a hospital bed for ten days before passing away. 

The story was a fabrication intended to delegitimize Israel, the IDF said.

The only other thing that's strange is the fact that Jason Koutsoukis didn't run with the original story. Is he on leave?

Anonymous said...

Another Hoax
Story about Woman Killed by Tear Gas is a Hoax, Says IDF

by Gil Ronen

The IDF shot down an ugly Arab hoax Monday, after it had already been propagated worldwide. The Nana-Channel 10 website reported that a military investigation found that the woman who supposedly died when she inhaled tear gas at a demonstration Friday was not even present at the protest. She did not die of tear gas inhalation but of cancer, the IDF found, and had been lying in a hospital bed for ten days before passing away.
Arabs and leftists propagated the story that the woman, Jawaher Abu Rahma, 36, had inhaled tear gas at their weekly staged riot at Bilin, in Samaria. Adding pathos to the story was the allegation that she was the sister of an Arab who was killed in Bilin in 2009 after being struck by a tear gas canister. Israeli papers carried photos of her and quoted her as saying that she wishes to join her brother in Paradise.

The Palestinian Authority was quick to seize upon the story for lambasting Israel. "We condemn this abominable crime by the Israeli occupation army in Bilin against people taking part in a peaceful demonstration and consider it an Israeli war crime against our people," chief PA negotiator Saeb Erakat told AFP.

However, the IDF has now found that Jawahel Abu Rahma died of leukemia or lung cancer, and had been in Ramallah hospital for ten days before passing away. The story was a fabrication intended to delegitimize Israel, the IDF said.

It seems that Arabs in the PA have become creative in making up lies that make Israel look bad worldwide. Unfortunately, even when their lies are discovered, the damage has already been done and the refutation of the story will receive less publicity than the original libel did.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if we get any retractions or corrections in The Age (I am not going to hold my breath)

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Harry Samuel said...

The Jerusalem Post is now reporting more inconsistencies about the so-called "Bil'in martyr".

IDF sources have assessed that she may not have been at the protest at all after obtaining medical documents  from the Palestinian Authority, which had initially refused to hand over the papers.

“The whole story is full of inconsistencies,” one senior officer said. 

One example of an inconsistency was in the medical documents themselves. A lab report of blood work done for Abu Rahma showed that the blood was taken at 2:45 p.m. Friday afternoon. Another page from the report, which showed her time of admission to the hospital put it at 3:20 p.m. 

In addition, the medicine that she received according to the reports was medicine used to treat people suffering from blood cancer, poison or a drug overdose. 

The IDF also questioned the way her death was reported. On Friday afternoon, the IDF received, like most weeks after the protest, a report that two demonstrators had been lightly injured and were evacuated to a Ramallah hospital. By the evening, the PA updated the IDF that the two had been released to their homes. The next morning, the IDF suddenly received a report that Abu Rahma had been killed. 

The Palestinians reject the IDF claims but can't explain the lies ... er, inconsistencies about  Abu Rahma's death and despite the denials that the woman had a medical history, the IDF has however learned that she was hospitalized in Ramallah 10 days before the protest. 

Interestingly, the surname of the Palestinian cameraman involved in the Mohammed Al Dura hoax is  Abu Rahma. 

There's a fantastic story for the media about the lies told by the Palestinian propaganda industry from Zionist sharks to falsified deaths and casualty numbers to events that take place on flotillas. 

I'm waiting with bated breath to read that story.

Anonymous said...

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Wilbur Post said...

Anonymous, you're discussing a person who's an apologist for Ahmadinejad. Surely, you don't expect any sensitivity to the victims of the Holocaust or their relatives, let alone any respect for the truth.

Anonymous said...

That is one hell of a sick person.

Anonymous said...

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