Saturday, January 01, 2011


With twilight falling rapidly on 2010, I had the opportunity to reflect on what has been the very worst of the world’s output on Israel, the land about which so many simply love to make up or embellish stories to the point where they themselves look ridiculous and their versions of the facts bear little or no resemblance with  reality.

The Blank Pages awards for the year gone past are entitled "The Arafats". Named for the late Yassir Arafat who was well known for making up porkies about the Jewish neighbours he spent a lifetime trying to destroy as well as stealing from his own people, this year’s awards will please the delusional turkeys who are honoured with the accolades with which the name "Arafat" is associated.

I’ve not selected some of the more well known rank and file abusers of Israel. Instead, I wanted to highlight some true downhill skiers who, in the normal course, would never win anything and will truly appreciate being associated with the late Palestinian Authority Prime Minister.

First off is The Arafat for Politician of 2010 and I’ve gone for a real turkey - in fact they made him Prime Minister of a country that bears that name. According to a recently-released WikiLeaks cable, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of the Republic of Turkey has several Swiss bank accounts but it's doubtful that he's stolen anything like the $3billion from his people as did Arafat. In May, Erdoğan connived with Turkish Jihadist group IHH to embed a bunch of cutthroats on one of the Free Gaza flotilla boats to cause mayhem and provoke violence when the IDF inevitably boarded to prevent the flotilla (which was carrying plenty of useless materials including out of date medicines) from breaching Israel's blockade of Gaza to prevent weapons from getting into the hands of the terrorists who rule the place. While the eyes of the world were focused on the flotilla, the Turks bombed and strafed the Kurds who are fighting their own separatist battles with Turkey. Erdoğan then demanded that Israel apologise for defending the lives of its soldiers who were attacked by the IHH gangsters on board their ship. A worthy winner and a true turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The Arafat for Fail of 2010 goes to the BDS movement in Australia, a bunch of snivelling bullies who get off by hassling young girls selling Israeli products in shopping malls. They have achieved nothing other than the disapproval of shoppers for their strong-arm tactics and their support of the terrorist solution to the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. The entire BDS movement worldwide is in a sick and sorry state. It’s been reported that some churches that were conned into joining the movement and divested themselves of Israeli stock lost out for their efforts. 

Boycotters of Caterpillar, the tractor company that was driven by the Israeli dozer driver who accidentally ran over Rachel Corrie were flummoxed when they saw Hamas using the same company’s product inside Gaza – an emphatic endorsement of their work. And while the boycotts have little impact on Israel’s economy or the businesses they seek to hurt, the Jewish state is going through an economic boom. 

And while the BDS freaks terrorise shoppers, the discovery was confirmed this week of one of the world’s largest natural gas deposits off the country’s northern shores.  Hardly a mention of this in the mainstream media but ultimately worth trillions to the Jewish State and all of its people


The next installment of THE ARAFAT'S looks at the three most insidious, nasty pieces of writing about Israel and its Arab neighbours that were spewed forth in 2010. Coming up in a few day's time ...


Anonymous said...

Lets hope we hear and see less of the Palestinians in 2011 they are soooh 2010 and overrated..

Anonymous said...

Funny, but I never read anything about Erdogan being a crook in the Age!

Theo X said...

The Turkish PM is so obnoxious that the Greeks are building a wall to keep him out -,,14747138,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

Theo X said...

The Turkish PM is so obnoxious that the Greeks are building a wall to keep him out -,,14747138,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf