Thursday, January 20, 2011


Photograph taken from an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas rally in Melbourne in 2009. The rally was attended by a Greens Party Senator.

A recent email statement attributed in a comment to J-Wire on Marrickville Council and its Israel Boycott by a Greens Party Marrickville Councillor makes this obscene, unfounded and racist statement:

"I have taken your comments on board and understand that you are part of a strong lobby group that continues to use the holocaust to justify the illegal, unjust and undemocratic actions of the Israeli government".

I don't need to describe what unspeakable horrors this statement evokes. In the first place, it is a bald-faced lie.

However, the claim that Jews use the holocaust to justify any such actions by the Israeli government is not just untrue but indeed, it's racist and a sick perversion of holocaust remembrance; a blood libel that was cuttingly exposed this week in CAMERA - Jews Accused of Using the Holocaust to Excuse Israeli Crimes

Voters in the Marrickville electorate need to take heed.

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