Sunday, December 05, 2010

WikiLeak UFO cables reveal extraterrestrial life forms

Hillary Rodham Clinton, photographed in 1995 with a copy of Paul Davies' UFO book "Are We Alone?" during a briefing on UFOs from the late tycoon philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller.

The latest batch of WikiLeak confidential US embassy cables tell of the discovery of extraterrestrial life forms on earth according to this morning's Sunday Sun newspaper.

The dispatches sent out by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton earlier this year reveal that the space visitors, who first arrived on the planet in the late 1940s, are friendly and "willing to share their technology and culture for the good of mankind."

The Sunday Age refused to report on the leaked UFO cables. A Fairfax spokesperson would neither confirm or deny that his organisation's reluctance to reveal these startling revelations has anything to do with the fact that the aliens travel around in tanks and communicate only in the Hebrew language.

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Fancy that.

ET a Zionist!

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