Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ecuador has joined the growing band of nations which recognises a fractured Palestine as an independent State. The problem is that in doing so, the "recognisers" are creating a major problem for the world because the President of one part of Palestine wants to transfer a quarter of a million people out of their homes and out of his country. If those residents were anything but Jewish, this would be considered by the world as a racist policy.

Indeed, it was said by a group of activist academics in the United States who mistakenly warning against Israel's possible "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians in the "fog of war" during Operation Cast Lead that "the expulsion of people according to race, religion or nationality would constitute crimes against humanity and will not be tolerated."

But this is precisely what Abbas continues to maintain he will do - transfer the settlers out of his Palestinian State signalling his intention to commit a crime against humanity.

Of course, the President of the other part of Palestine wants to destroy Israel and kill the Jews there. Again, if you supported his regime and his policies were directed against any other group, you would be described a racist. In our perverted universe, they'll probably award you something instead.

As for the President of the larger part of Palestine (the one that's only part racist), it's time for him to resign again.

Thanks again to the elderofziyon for this cartoon of the man who threatens to resign all of the time, who should resign but won't do it:

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TBS said...

heavens, of course it's a state -
A State of Unbridled Murder,Chaos, Sharia and Jew-hatred.

Just your average Arab state of being...

I recognise it! How about you?;)