Friday, December 03, 2010


Separated at birth: Thre Wikileak analysts from Fairfax
Those WikiLeaks sure are a slap in the face to those who want you to believe in a nefarious Israel lobby that somehow controls US policy in the Middle East, that Israel alone is the major force in driving the campaign against Iran's nuclear weapons programme and that Iran itself, its close allies such as Syria and now Turkey and the thuggish recipients of its largesse such as Hizbullah and Hamas are as pure as the driven snow.

Mearsheimer and Walt's flawed thesis about the Israel Lobby must now surely be in tatters following the revelations that so many Arab States have lobbied hard for United States action against Iran.

Yet, after being implored by Arab leaders to cut of the head of the snake, the Americans could not be persuaded to attack the dictatorship whose Revolutionary Guards last year butchered and raped their own people in their own streets to avail themselves of absolute power.

Naturally, one didn't get this feeling about Iran when one read what one thinks was supposed to be passing for analysis on the WikiLeaks from Fairfax Middle East guru Paul McGeogh.

Nor would one expect this from a man who produced six pages of twaddle (aka free publicity) for the Free Gaza movement without mentioning Hamas and its genocidal policies. For Age readers, Hamas is the boy scout movement that helps little old ladies cross the busy streets of Gaza on their way to modern air conditioned well stocked supermarkets that we don't need to know about. The same Hamas that today rivals Mahatma Ghandi for loving peace and its Jewish neighbours.

Any person who can consign the thuggish Hamas junta in Gaza to the blank pages would have been expected to be champing at the bit in waiting for the WikiLeak revelations to damn the Little Satan Israel and therefore must have been most disappointed to discover nothing of the kind in the Assange revelations.

McGough's WikiLeak analysis still predictably scoffs at Israel and the Arab states concerned about Iran's nuclear buildup and its arming of local terror groups but, true to blank page tradition, it misses the leaks about Iran moving weapons to Hizbullah in Red Crescent ambulances during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, not to mention Turkey's questionable dealings with terror groups. Heaven forbid that the host of the flotilla that carried jihadists, useless medicine and a bunch of warm and fuzzy Pinocchios through the Mediterranean last May is a shonk with secret Swiss bank accounts and who sleeps with and accommodates would be mass murderers.

No, just as Basil doesn't mention the Germans, we don't mention much about Iran. What we do instead is we mock Israel because one of its diplomats expressed concern privately as early as 1993 about the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapons programme. But instead of laughing that off as McGeough does, we should be congratulating him for his prescience in predicting the future. Actually, it wasn't that hard really because, after all, those who had their eyes open when Iran and Irak fought out their little war in the 80's know that the leadership of both sides were nasty bastards.

And nasty bastards like Iran, Irak, Syria, Turkey, Hizbullah, Hamas and the IHH must be consigned to the blank pages of the Age.


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The race is on between Sarah Palin and Paul McGeough to break down Wikileaks in its entirety into 140 characters.

Jacob Gonzalves said...

So simple is it not. Wikileaks exposes the liars ... the Arab states practice taqiya ... liars get exposed along with their mates. Erdogan now wants to sue the USA for libel ... the lying bastard cant win.

Anonymous said...

According to Abraham Lincoln, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

McGeough should have taken that advice.

Gulliver_on_tour said...

Surprise, surprise!

The Turks and the Iranians are now calling the Wikileaks a conspiracy created by the Big Satan and Little Satan. Standard modus operandi from these parts. When your lying gets exposed. Blame the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Reports that the Turkish Red Cross were being used to ferry arms from Iran, transferring them to Syrian ambulances and transporting them to Lebanion were made by Kurdish newspapers in 2006. These were ignored.

Also ignored was the fact tha whle the world was jumping up and down about 9 Turkish jihadists of the IHH being killed on their propaganda flotilla, Turkish warplanes were bombing Kurdish villages in northern Iraq, killing dozens of innocent people.

Talking about Kurds, when was the last time the mainstream media ever reported on them? They are suffering a genocide at the hands of the Syrian dictator at the moment, with mass arrests and killings, with Turkish and Iranian military assistance.

Motya said...

“At least on the Iranian issue — and apparently on more than a few other matters — the leaders of the world, including the Arab world, think as we do, but are ashamed to admit it,” said Sever Plocker, a columnist for the newspaper Yediot Aharonot - NY Times

Anonymous said...

Assange says every American school child is taught that George Washington could not tell a lie. Well the same doesn't apply to politicians, diplomats and the media. Wikileaks is set to usher in a new era and it has certainly taken many commentators by complete surprise. That's why on balance it's a good thing.